Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dear Mother Nature...

It is December. Have you forgotten? Cuz it's 80 degrees out.

Much respect, but no love at the mo,

Sweating After Christmas.

In other news...

Brittany is having her baby like...right now!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Well, it is the season of giving after all...

...And apparently my gift to you all is actually posting ROFL. See what I did thar? Since I can't even remember when I posted last, I apologize in advance if anything you read is old news.

So where to start, hmm....

Since about Thanksgiving or so, I've been working as a Bell Ringer for the Salvation Army. Read: Working. Yep. I totally got paid (more than minimum wage) for something that most people assume is volunteer. Though, let me tell ya, even getting paid, most people didn't want to show up. It was kinda sad. I mean, I had cranky days when I didn't want to be outside in the icky weather, (and I admit, I was sick and laid out one day), but dang, I at least showed up to complain about it. And mucho points go to Megan cuz she was like...the uber worker the whole time. She rang that bell so much that the dinger fell off yesterday XD.

This was at the Ace Hardware, I think. It was very cold. I was a ninja.

As a result, I scored an extra couple hundred bucks this month, which was good since working Thanksgiving Day SEVERELY cut my hours at the station that week and I had to pay a $146 speeding ticket. So now I've got enough for a down payment on a car and about half a month's worth of bills. I'm thinking I might get rid of my napster account cuz that's $15 right there and I hardly use it anymore. I don't really just sit and listen to music, and when I do, it's usually on youtube. But I dunno. We'll just have to see what happens. And hopefully I'll have a car by the end of January.

And of course, new car means more job hunting, yay! I have no idea how that'll play out with the gas station, but again, we'll see what happens. Lord knows I'll be feeling all sorts of guilt, though. I mean, I've been there for a year now. I dunno who Jr. would get to replace me. *is made of too much awesome*


Since the end of November I've also been knitting like crazy. I finished a scarf for Choua (sorry, no pics at the moment), a Christmas present for Aarin and a cell phone bag for myself.

Shawn has named it the Phitten...for it is a phone mitten.

Tana has requested a phitten, so that's my next project. Then I have to think of something to make for Matilda, a pair of Harley (the character, not the bike) inspired fingerless gloves, and a pair of Joker inspired fingerless gloves for Heather and England. I think without the bell ringing, I should be able to crank these out pretty quick. I also have an idea of something to make for Megan, but it's difficulty has yet to be determined. It will require pixilating a picture to make it into a pattern. Then I'll have to do math...we'll just have to see. But it'll be super awesome cool if I can pull it off.

On the 13th I went to the Warren Haynes X-Mas Jam with Megan and Natalie and saw a whole bunch of people's perform, including Joan Osborn, Johnny Winter, and Coheed and Cambria. It was made of...well, there's just not a word for it. I haven't experienced anything like it. Megan's working on a review of the whole day, so when she gets that posted, I'll try to remember to link ya'll to it if it's ok with her. Like a dummy, I didn't take my camera with me, not that I would have been able to take many pictures since I was pretty busy screaming song lyrics the whole time to deal with a camera. I did, however, get one pretty damn good one of Claudio Sanchez with my phone, though.

I feel like a jerk, though, cuz after Coheed and Cambria's set, I was ready to go home. I was wearing the wrong shoes, not to mention the fact I start to get sleepy around 10 and this concert was suppose to go on til 5am or so. I also had to work at the station the next day. So...yeah. Next year, though. Next year I'll know just what to expect and will go in armed with comfy shoes and tylenol to kill the headache. Things will be wonderful.

And that pretty much sums everything up until today. Which is, ya know, CHRISTMAS! I don't have any pictures of our decorations, just know that there are some sad lights literally just thrown into a tree in the front yard. My hoard for this year is pretty sweet, though.

You know your leghair is out of control when your mother takes it upon herself to get you an electric razor.

The Mason Dixon Knitting book is freaking hilarious and just all around brilliant. It had me giggling and excited to try the techniques and patterns in it. And I dunno if ya'll have seen the Personal Trainer: Cooking commercials, but this here thinger is nifty. It has recipes from all over the world and it reads the recipes out to you while you cook. It even has a grocery list with calculator that you can use to prepare for whatever meal your making. It has me super excited :D Next to that (apparently I'm working right to left) is a pair of earings that are purdy, though I dunno when I'll wear them. Maybe to a job interview? The big block o' Tinker bell is a full sized sheet and pillow case set. OMG Jersey knit how I love thee! And the green thing is a lady electric shaver. Despite the implications that I'm a hairy ape, I'm happy 'bout this one too. I've wanted one for a while cuz I'm all sorts of lazy. Momma said that it was actually hard to find and she's thinking of going back to get one for herself.

And everything that I can think of that's happened.

Edit: I'm a dummy and forgot to mention that all of that pretty animal print in the background is the best throw in the world. Seriously, I can't stop touching it.