Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Oh the heartache!

So I returned to the doctor today...for those of you who don't know, last week I kept having chest pain and went to the Health Center. The funny-docotr-man said that I had a very common infection in my chest that happens after one has had a virus for a while. Made sense seeing as I was sick for nearly two and a half weeks prior T_T

So anyway...yah...went back for my follow up today. I've been taking the 800MG Ibuprophen, but I still felt pain in my chest. It was less...but still there. I told him this and he kinda went "hmm..." and decided that I should go through some tests. He was pretty sure that it's still an infection, he just wanted to make sure it wasn't anything else- better to do useless tests than to do none at all and find out later that you should have. Or something like that. So I went back and had my first x-rays since about the 8th grade. Though I have to say that it was the very first time that it has involved my boobs. I also had my arm stabbed and they took blood. Again, a first- she got blood in one try and I didn't bawl my eyes out afterward. In fact, before she started I went on my usual "my veins roll" shpeal. Her response "Oh hunny, there ain't no such thang." She was a bit determined not to hear excuses. I kinda liked that. It didn't hurt either...well...didn't until about ten minutes later...now it's all achy and there will be no lifting my arm above my belly button. I'm a big baby, I know this. The last thing they did was an EKG. Yet ANOTHER first for me. He gave me a copy of the results to keep for nostalgic reasons...I told you, he's a funny-doctor-man. The results for the x-ray and the EKG came back fine, though he said that it would take an hour to get the results back from the blood test. he was suppose to call if there was anything wrong....and he hasn't called, so I guess that was fine too. he told me to just keep taking the Ibuprophen and if it still hurts after sometime next week, that I need to make an appointment with the Sports Center thingie...I guess they handle more heart related things? I dunno.

I want to take a nap.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Attack of the terrorist spider!

[01:12] JubbaBane: oh yea, so apparently karma wanted to catch up with me for the spider killing rampage yesterday...
[01:13] JubbaBane: i walked into my bathroom when i got back from walmart, did my business and then i look down and there is a GIANT black spider perched on the bathmat
[01:13] Marlewen: lol
[01:13] JubbaBane: oh i killed him too, but i was terrified
[01:19] JubbaBane: it sneaked up and i totally didnt see it... and then i was pulling up my pants and there he was... and he went "ALALALALALALALALAAAAAHHHHH! JIHAD!" of course that was in spider-ese....
[01:19] Marlewen: OMG terrorist spider!
[01:19] JubbaBane: he had a tiny little sword and a turban too
[01:21] JubbaBane: and he was like "joo keeelled mai faaahmilie! all 10 thousand of us! joo must die! JIHAD! JIHAD! JIHAD on joor fooot!"

I love Aarin to pieces.

In other news...I COMPLETED PRINCE OF PERSIA! Now to buy the second one T_T

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


So as you may or may not remember, there's a raccoon living in the tree outside our window. Me and Imani have been watching her for a few weeks and have been talking to her from time to time...we first named her Rolli cuz we didn't know if it was a boy or girl...Rolli seemed neutral.

We both stayed up really late last night doing homework, not going to bed until about 2am. I layed down and got all comfy...but then I heard these noises. They sounded like small yips and yelps, kind of like the sounds guinea pigs and bunnies make. Imani thought someone was whistleing, but that couldn't be it cuz it was coming from several places at once. I joked and said "Hey, what if Rollie had like...a whole family in there?" We giggled and I looked out the window...only to see Rolli climbing out of her hole and climbing the tree...then I saw three other, much smaller Rolli's climbing about! Apparently they wanted to play, but momma wasn't having that...she was runnin around the tree, trying to catch them and put them back in the nest. One, however, made it to the base of the tree. She couldn't go after him cuz everytime she'd leave the nest, the other two (umm...what are baby raccoons called?) would crawl out and she'd have to chase them back in. It was adorable and interesting to watch. We know why she doesn't want them out yet...they don't know how to look out for people and cars like she does.They're noises are so cute!

I wish I could take pics of them...if I use a flash, One, it might scare them, and Two the screen on the window absorbs all the light and the pic comes out pure white.


Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Originally uploaded by Marlewen.

Bow down to her cuteness...NOW!

Friday, October 07, 2005


So I am now home, weee! The ride didn't seem that bad and my clay modles made it in one piece. The pets were SUPER excited to see me, which is always a plus.

(tomorrow we gets a hamster!)