Monday, May 30, 2005


So...yah. Animazement was AWESOME. And for once I have pictures to add to my story.
I spent the night before at Kevin's house, that way I would have plenty of time to get there without getting up at a godawefull time in the morning. That morning I was suppose to wake Kevin up, but he evidently decided that my leg made a good pillow. There's a picture for this, but he'd kill me if he knew I was showin pics of him, shirtless, to strangers on the net. So moving on...I went and picked up Aarin. There's not much story to the drive there. However, when we got there, we found out that Imani, Terri, England and Ingred hadn't even left Terri's house yet. T_T This was a problem because Terri had to check in for our room. So, we sat around for Sandra to show up so that we could have a place to put our stuff til Terri got there. I took a picture of Aarin while we waited. I have a bad habbit of taking photos of people, just to annoy them, or have the flash scare the bejeebus out of them. This is Aarin's waiting face:

Aarin not amused

After Sandra showed up, we put our stuff in their room and waddled around for a bit. We went to two different panels, and by then Terri showed up. So we moved our stuff and continued about our anime saturated schedual. I actually managed to take pictures of people in costume this year, if you click on said picture, it should tell you who they are.


Meroko and friends

Koneko chan little gun

Hellsing big gun

Bible Black girl
She was from Bible back, so I just HAD to have her pic.

Angela Lacas

During all of this, we didn't have much time to eat. Friday night, while sitting in the lobby, thinking of what to do, we saw a girl and two Full Metal Alchamist Officers fighting for some Wendy's fries.
FMA and fries
FMA officer pleads
FMA officer pleads harder
FMA officer begs
She was finally rewarded for her begging.

The necxt day we went to the Bushido Judo panel. They do this panel every year, and every year they ask for volunteers to prove that anyone can learn Judo. This year, England volunteered. That poor boy laying at her feet...

England Judo

By the end of the weekend we had all bought various suveneres, (pictures of mine will be posted later). but ALL of us managed to enjoy the wonders of the Genki Hats table. Most everyone got a hat from the on-sale-reject-bin with hats that were too small or had lopsided ears. I think I'm the only one who bought both a reject hat and a regular hat. Here we are with our hats!

Aarin MoshiMaro

Imani Panpan

Jessie Lain

Well...that's all for now...I might tell more stories later.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Off the Road again

I made it to Greensboro all fine and good. The brake light stayed on the whole time, but I'm beginning to agree with nana, I think that it's just stuck. Course now the door ajar light keeps coming on when the doors are all fine and shut...Kevin thinks his dad can cut that off for me so it doesn't drive me crazy tomorrow. Stupid shorting out of things....

So tonight I shall spend my time here at the library at A&T while Kevin works. Oh what fun ^..~ Ah well, I shall be an internet junkie for the duration of the wait.

On the road again

Today I leave for High Point where I will crash at Kevin's house for the night. This is so I'll have time to pick up Aarin on Friday and take her to Animazement with me ^^ This is in no way a plan. No. It is merely an idea of what will happen the next few days...afterall, we all know what happens when I try to plan something.

So after I stay at Kevin's, I'll be on my way to Animazement! Yay! I will, however, need to find a Coinstar in Greensboro somewhere if I want to have any money for food and stuff. Yes, almost all of my money is in change. Yay for pennies!

Well...I'm gonna cram my crap into the van and set off on my adventure. Weee adventure! If I'm lucky, Saturday I'll be able to find an ATM and withdraw the money that should be in my account by that time.

I'll might just be able to buy a lil' something while I'm there

Wednesday, May 25, 2005



So I went and bought pants today...also applied to work at the library here in what momma calls hooterville (well, it belongs to the same county thereof), and renewed the tags for both vehicles here at home.

But anyway, back to the pants.
I ended up having to go to the mall alone (even though it turns out that Megan was there at the same time that I was...that makes me sad that I didn't know she worked later...she works at the Sears there for those who didn't know), and Matilda couldn't go because she was making dinner and apparently tried to scramble eggs using Crisco. I told her of her mistake and then sadly trodded off to the mall. I had to pee really bad when I got there, and I was having a crap load of trouble trying to find the plus sizes in JC Peny, so I headed off to the potty. It was one of those one stall deals, the bigger bathroom was a long walk away. Well, apparently the person who used it before decided they wanted to avoid germs and didn't sit all the way down onto the seat. A hint to all those of you who like to hover: YOU PEE ALL OVER THE SEAT AND MAKE THE BATHROOM NASTY FOR THE NEXT PERSON!! STOP SPREADING YOUR GERMS ALL OVER THE FRIGGIN PLACE AND SIT DOWN LIKE A NORMAL PERSON!!! *coughs* Needless to say, I held it and walked on to Lane Bryant. Now then, I had made a quiet promise to myself that I would get chepaer jeans somewhere else...but what the hell, they were right there and I didn't feel like walking much. Never hurts to look, right? So I went in and actually found a pair of jeans (slightly flared), that were only $38 rather than the normal $58 or even $99. The tag said low-rise. This made my heart sink cuz I knew that these pants wouldn't come anywhere near my hips and thus really wouldn't cover much of my body. I have a long body, btw. But they had a size 26, a rarety, so I, again, just went with it and tried them on. Low and behold they fit better (and rose higher, oddly enough) than my normal pants.

There was much squeeing inside my head for this find.

I then paid for them and got a four dollar discount for buying a magazine (yay coupons and $34 jeans!). Afterwards, since I had only taken 15 minutes to do this shopping that I fear would last three hours, I went to get food. I stopped at the Burger King on the way home, wen through the drivethrough, and parked in the place next to the birch trees where mommy and me normally park. I was rather happily eating my fries, when I heard a flutter noise. I figured a little birdy had landed next the car, looking for discarded food as is the norm for fast food parking lots. I looked over to toss him/her/it a fry only to find that it had flown inside my car. He/she/it was cheerfully perched on the edge of my mostly rolled down window and stared at me with it's head tilted to one side. In a moment of shock I said, calmly "Get out of my car..." And so he/she/it did. He/she/it did, however, land next to the car and proceeded to stare at me and chirp. I threw a fry out and watch said fry get dragged away.

There was a return for another about five minutes later ^^;

Such cuteness!!

However, for the res of my meal, a flock of various birds stayed in the tree in front of me, just
waiting for me to throw out the rest of my food...

I rolled the window up after that.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


So yah...BEEs. I don't like BEEs. They is mean, those BEEs. In fact, one has injured my puppy today...though he kinda deserved it. Sammy has some kind of BEE fetish and, even though he's been stung before, he keeps trying to eat the little buggers. One stung him on the paw today...I don't think it hurt him too bad because he wansn't limping, but if you so much as looked at him, he'd roll over and curl up his paw and twitch a little. I tried to put a mix of baking soda and water on it...but he wasn't havin that o.o

St00pid BEEs. I hates them. Our yard is overrun with carpenter BEEs. If you've never seen one, it's like a big (fat, OBESE) bummble BEE that bores hoels in wood for it's home. These BEEs have come to like our front porch. I tend to knock the wood planks so that they fall out all unconcious like. Teehee *innocent look*

*stares at the wax in her lava lamp as it unjulates*

Unjulate is a fun word. Use it in a sentence today. =^^=

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Nya #_O

So yah, blogginess.

Not much has happened as of late...still haven't fit all of my crap into my room...same old same old.

However, today, I watched this really crappy thing on Discovery about the possibility of alien animals. It was neat...but the presentation was crappy...I would rather have an indepth story line like in the Dragon thingie that was done in March. This wasn't done by the same people, so maybe that's why. But anyway, seeing the other animal designs was neato-speedo. It made me think, and want to draw, actually. I wonder what kind of creatures like that I could come up with, and what little stories I could make. Could bring about a nifty project. Though whenever I think of these things, I end up thinking about Samiel (the hell hound thingie) from Hellboy, some of the creatures on the show kinda looked like him too. Though I've noticed that not alot of alien creatures are really fuzzy...they're usually dino-esque and have scales or hides much like a rhino. I wonder why that is...maybe it's like a part of the human psyche that anything furry has to be like us, so alien things have to be scaley or in need of moisturizer. They very often have tenticals as well. *thinks* I definately need to draw something. Maybe I can practice by doing things from movies and stuff first. I dunno

Friday, May 13, 2005


I got home yesterday after one of mine and mommy's usual driving adventures. We had fun times =^^= It took me until about 8 or 9 to get all of my crap into the house today...ugh, so much crap. It's taken me all night to clean my room enough to set up my comp...heh, right now, that's really the only thing I've moved into my room from the living room ^^; I promise that it won't be a mess forever, really. But anyway, yah...set up comp with my spiffy-cool wireless adapter. It's, well...spiffy-cool. Having one less cord in the floor is always a plus. However, after I got all of that set up, I found out that the spacebar on my keyboard is loose and doesn't work right...must be from when I dropped it yesterday ^^; Ah well...we had a spare keyboard laying around the house (bought for the old comp, just before it died), so I'm using it for now. There doesn't seem to be anything broken on my other maybe I can fix it. I dunno...though it's funny that everything, even stuff I've added on to my comp, is silver and black...while this keyboard is WHITE.

Hehe, sticks out like a sore thumb.

I'm sleepy.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Ok, sorry, that was lame. Today I pack, I pack like hell! For tomorrow my mommy, in some vehicle that is unforseen, is comming to get me. Weeee!

Thursday, May 05, 2005


Originally uploaded by Marlewen.
Hehe, yes, that's Kevin...

*laughs so hard it hurts*

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Neovonna 2

Neovonna 2
Originally uploaded by Marlewen.
Ok, so I was totally the kind of kid who would undress her Barbies to see what they had underneath.

Nothing much has changed ^^;


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In Guild Wars, you can make up to four characters. So I made a Mesmer/Monk. She's nifty and kills stuff. Mmm, killing stuff.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Future goodness

So in an attempt at not thinking about exams, I've been looking toward the good things that could happen this summer.

1. Animazement
2. Guild Wars
3. possible job...maybe...if I beg
4. Choua could come visit me with yummy tastey Mong foods! I found out that she only lives about an hour and a half away. Yay!
6. Russian movie comming out called Nigth Watchers!

I think that's all for right now...perhaps I will think of more later.