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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Oh Shi~

I just finished carving my craptacular pumpkin. I guess I did well since I had to eyeball the whole thing. I should have made Jack's mouth stictches thingies a bit longer, but I was afraid of messing it up. I'll post pics after tonight when I have the pumpkins lit with glowsticks.

Oh, and also:


Pardon Me Just a Moment...

If you are my mother: Please move along. There is nothing to see here. *waves hand in front of your face* This is not the blog you are looking for. Now back to the blog.

Shit fuck bitch bananas it's cold outside!

Seriously. No one warns me about these things! I mean, I knew it'd be pretty chilly, so I put on my hoodie...but shit, you can't spring cold like that on a girl first thing in the morning! See, I needed the car so I can run an errand this morning. I was originally gonna come back home, take a shower, and then go do my thang, but fuck that shit. If I go out with wet hair before noon today I'LL DIE. My hair has a few hours before it'll start to look greasy, and by then I'll have completed my errand and can take a shower without having to go outside.

By the way, I felt you guys should all know that I'm eating, what I like to call, a death biscuite. Well, it's actually on an English Muffin, but I love those too much to associate them with this break fast item. They're really called Breakfast DeLights or some other equally cliche` diet food name, and are the only diet food that I didn't beg to have in the house. It has eggs white, fake!sausage, and cheese on it. I finally just started picking the frozen disk o' egg white off of it and throwing it away XD I call them death biscuites because they cause horrible, agonizing pain in my tummy. So why am I eating one? Well, it was either this or mac and cheese for breakfast, and I just didn't have the patience to boil water.

Today is the day before Halloween. I know you guys know that, but I had to say it cuz...well...STFU. No, but really my town is silly. All the chil'ren have to ToT (why does that remind me of doin a B&E? Damn you Dane Cook...), tonight instead of tomorrow because tomorrow's Wednesday and they're afraid the the chil'rens will want to go get free candy instead of listening to some lecture about God. I can see their concern. Though, really, I would have just used that opportunity to hold a haunted house at the church as a fundraiser or something....I dunno. I do know that we're the only town in the county that has decided to do this. People like my mom are trying to make a big religious in-tollerence comment about it, but I don't think that's what it is. It's not about what holiday it is, it's the fact there will be free candy and ya know, they're just kids. They aren't going to want to go to church if free candy is involved. It just seems easier to they to have the chil'rens ToT on a different day. Though, honestly, all the little chil'ren could probably get their ToTing done before time for service, or they could go after and still not be out too late. But whatever. It's not my call.

Having said all of this, I would like to point out that me and momma didn't carve our pumpkins. Why? Well, momma was being a snotface. Ok, well, she had a headache and didn't feel all in the 'Weeny spirit. I think she was still mad at me about the books thing, personally. That and I kept thinking I had 'til Wednesday. So after I take my shower, I will have to sit outside and demolish carve my pumpkin. I dunno if my mom will do the other one or not 'cause she doesn't get off work until 5pm and the really little chil'ren will have started their walk by then. Well, some will, anyway. It was also decided that we are, indeed, hadning out candy this year. My mom bought some yesterday (though some of it melted in the band and now the rest is sticky T_T), and the plan is to have me sit out on the porch all night with the candy. We would have people knock like normal individuals, but that'll drive the dogs nuts, and then us nuts by proxy. Relax kids, I'll have my laptop out there at some point, so don't be afraid of missing me. I dunno what to do about our pumpkins though...'cause I'll have to "light" them with my spare glowsticks, but you won't be able to see them all glowy and neat with the porch light on (which as everyone knows, is the national signal of I HAVE CANDY).

Do you think they will still ToT at our house if the porch light is off? I mean, I will be out there afterall.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Well, it was about time.

Comment, and I will comment back with a picture of the fictional character that most reminds me of you. Then post the same in your journal and join in the fun!

I've commented on at least two other journal/blogs, so I figured it's about time I did it XD

Videos and Memories

So...I was reading my FList and there was some really poppy videos posted. All I could think of was the group 5ive. Yes, spelled with a 5 because they were cool like that. Anyway, this was during the same time as my big Backstreet Boys obsession phase (I totally almost wrote BSB and got giddy for a moment...*goes to corner of shame*), which, let's admit, never really went away. I mean, if they were in concert in Asheville and I had the opportunity to go- I'd be there SO HARD.


Back to 5ive. I don't think any of my friends really listened to them except for Matilda, who I forced my cd on whenever I had the chance XD She may even have had a poster, I can't remember. For those of you who don't remember this happening, or need your memory refreshed, I have gifted you with a video:

Watch it. Seriously. It made me giddy and I haven't even thought of this group in like eight years.

Oh, and a special note to Erin and Mary: Reese's Pieces still aren't the same for me. Thanks for that.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Riding in Cars with Matilda sum up Matilda's driving today, I said the following while screaming for my life:

"This Oh Shit Bar doesn't have nearly enough Oh Shit for me!!"

Because really? What does that thing do?

Anyway...I had fun and I bought books with money that nana gave me that I had sworn to myself that I wouldn't spend.

I'm so weak T_T Seriously, I think I have a problem. It's like Jacci and the ebooks for that little while.

Oh, and for those of you who knew about my plans- We ended up ditching him, so the plan didn't go through XD I'll have to chase him off some other way. Ah well.

In other news- Matt (Megan's Matt) is offcially my Beta Reader for the smuttacular story I'm working on. He had lots of helpful crits so I like, owe him muffins or something.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

So I'm watching the Halloween special on Cartoon Network. First of all, I'd like to say that I love the Dracula puppet. He fills me with glee.

That aside...omg, this special of Foster's is AWESOME! It appears the zombie fad has made it to cartoons, and let me tell ya: It gave me roffles. Bloo even had a version of the The Zombie Survival Guide.

You guys have to watch this. Seriously. It also strengthened my <3 for Edwardo when he freaked out and instead of his usual small utterings in Spanish, he went off on a tangent with absolutely no English. He even had Bloo speaking Spanish.


Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Little Things

It's unexpected how happy a phone call can make me. Seriously, eventhough umm...crap, I need a nickname for this guy. Someone think of something....he can't be Stupid Boy because he hasn't proven himself to be such. guys think of something. Anyway, yah...he's called me twice now and is apparently making an effort to call me everyday...despite the fact it's long distance for him. I make the :D face.

In other not-so-sappy news- my favorite hair clip broke D: It's the octopus clip that Aarin gave me for graduation *sniffles* That was the best clip ever, too. *sighs* I suppose I'll have to find another one...but it won't be as special as that one was. My camera's lense cap is broken as well >_< I think I can get that replaced though. One day when I have a job, I'll have to look on the kodak site to see if they sell them. Which brings me to another thing: the gas station has already hired someone else. I wanna know why I didn't hear anything *grump* Ah well, the guy there told me to keep checkin back just in case. They haven't been able to keep anyone ('cept the old guy) for more than two weeks. So here's to hopeing that this new guys sucks too :D Haha, I'm so horrible sometimes XD

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Big Ball O' Adorablness

So yesterday went well =^^= He was full of shy cuteness and we all know that's a plus. Much hilarity ensued at the park. Mostly invovling slides XD

Yah, it was a good day.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wet Hair and Bananas :D

I'm up and showered- BEFORE NOON! Is it a miracle? Maybe...cuz I has a date :D Matilda set me up with a friend of a friend. A group of us are going for lunch and it's lookin like it'll be at Taco Bell XD How sexy is that? I might change my vote to Sonic though...assuming it doesn't rain.

Yah, I'm high class, what can I say?


Sunday, October 14, 2007


I was going to work on my romance (read: smut) series (yah...I apparently can't write just one story for anything) but every day I get a horrible migrane T_T That kind of keeps me from wanting to look at my screen for any reason. I may actually finish the story this month though- assuming I can sit down for 2 hours a day and crank out about a thousand words each time. It's possible, just hard to do when I don't really have a desk to sit at, or a room to sit in that's away from the tv. I'm considering sitting out on the porch during the day for this, assuming it gets a little bit colder and all those yellow jackets I saw today are gone >_> I mean, I'm all for suffering for one's art and all...but I'm not getting my butt stung for some writing XD Hopefully if I can write more that way, then that will be my game plan for NaNoWriMo. Seriously guys, if you haven't signed up, you need to. It's gonna be supper fun and I need writing buddies :D I think I'll add a badge thingie for it over in my sidebar...even though that thing is kind of full of crap already XD Hmm....maybe I'll get rid of the facebook section...*considers*

I has a pumpkin delight cookie *OMNOMNOMNOM*

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Post Office Trauma

I just took Yoda for a walk to the Post Office. I was carrying him out and was in the process of setting him down when he decided to JUMP and landed on his head/back.


He rolled over and then swayed a whole lot with his eyes closed before he came to his senses...then he cried. Loudly. A lot.

A few minutes later and he was fine. Now he's laying in the floor at my feet trying to take a nap, but the fleas keep waking him up. Momma checked him out- he doesn't have a knot or anything and he didn't break any teeth. But ya know, I cried anyway cuz I'm pretty sure I caused him to break something in his head and he'll die before Monday.

I'm not a positive thinker as of late.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mother Nature and Broomsticks

So I got up this morning and I was like "Dang, why it so cold?" I figured the air was on, but it didn't take me long to realize it wasn't. The house smelled like fall. I got up and warbled into the bathroom, took a shower, and somewhat less warbled out after getting dressed. On my way to get some leftover pizza I looked at our super-special thermomiter that reads both the indoor and outdoor temps. It said that it was 58 degrees outside. I was like "Whhhhaaaaaatttt..." and ran to the door. Low and behold IT WAS COOL OMG!

Dear Mother Nature,
OH EM GEE LADY! I love you so much right now. Plz to be keeping up the good work.

A Very Pleased Fat Chick

So with this good weather in mind, I cleaned. And I don't mean I just kinda vaccumed (though I did do that too), I mean I went outside, walked to the hardware store, bought work/gardening gloves, walked back, and cleaned off a good half of the porch in about an hour. I would have continued, but I need a truck to cart off all of the lumber and buckets o' things that I can't put in a garbage bag. My aunt might be helping with that. However, for right now, my mom has agreed to pumpkins. YAY PUMPKINS OMG! I shall make pumpkins with emoticon faces. Why? Because I suck at teh carving. I can really only remember doing it like four times in my life. I'm sure there were more, but that's all that I can remember. Mommy can do good carvings, but ya know...that's her. She's all crafty with things. Good at sketching too, she just doesn't do it often. Anyway, yah...pumpkins are to happen.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Nano bots in NaNoWriMo?

Ok, so I finally decided to take part in National Novel Writing Month. Yah, I've apparently lost my mind. I joined the region for Asheville and started posting on their forums. I didn't know what I was going to write about yet so I said:

"I dunno what my NaNo novel will be about...something with vampires...or set in a furture, post-apocolyptic world...maybe with mermaids....I dunno. Could be all three, knowing me XD OOO, vampiric mermaids with bionic arms!! lol"

I was just joking at first. Then I thought about it for a while...and that's totally what I'm going to do. Only, after some late-night planning, it'll be nano machines instead of bionic arms.

I posted the plot on my LJ- set on Friends only XD I'm a little paranoid of literary thievery ^^; So you know...leave a comment if you want to know more and I can send you an email or somethin.

Monday, October 08, 2007


Do I mean "explosions" or "implosions?" Read more to find out :D

So the mountains aren't really known for having earthquakes (not ours, anyway), but while I was away at school my mom had told me we had a few. She kept saying "I wish you were here, it was such a wierd feeling." Now, those of you who have experienced one probably wouldn't agree, but keep in mind that these were tiny quakes that were sometimes confused with thunder. Well, the other night I was sittin here with my laptop (now named Dellilah...yay for Dell laptops XD), and there was a mild BOOM outside.

We ignored it and moved on.

A little while later, there was a louder, window rattling BOOM. That got our attention. My mom looked up and said "Now that's what an earthquake feels like." She was totally convinced that's what had happened.

The next day we find out that someone found an UNPINNED GRENADE stuck near the rain road tracks near my house, and they had called in the bomb squad to detonate it. First they tried with half a stick of dynamite. But the guy missed. HE MISSED. Yah, I feel safe. So the second time was a full stick. Luckily they got it with that one.

But seriously...HE MISSED?

In other "romantica" story is going slowly- like only a few sentences a day slowly. I blame the internet. But I do have about 5 pages done. So yay! More of the details are getting clearer, though, so I should hit it at full speed sometime soon.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Random Days of October Part 1

Ok, so here's that post I kep promising you. On Tuesday, I intended to do a "day in the life" thing like Emily...and much like her, I gave up halfway through XD I ended up, however, just taking pictures until Thursday. So...there's some randomosity. Here's the first bit.

I r wake up early. SUNLIGHT BAD.

Brusha, brusha, brusha.

I is dressed noa.

Cookies, the breakfast of champions.

I was bored waiting for Nana at the clinic.

I'm a ghost, woooOOOOooOOOooo


So, yah...I did more stuff that day, but I'll post that later. Note the van parked directly in front of the building. I HATE when people do that? What if Nana had come out right then? I wouldn't be able to drive up to her. Some people are just really inconciderate.

In other news: Both my mom and my grandmother were diagnosed with Diabetes this week. Somehow, this has become a running gag between myself and my mom. She'll pick up a cookie, scarf it, and say "You know, I shouldn't eat this cuz I has the Diabetes. And the obesites."

We generally take all bad news like this.

Story of the van and what happened at Build A Bear to happen soonish.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Sneak Peak

Because I want to write things on my pictars with photoshop, and I dunno where the disk for that is, it'll be while before I can post my stories of the passed few days.

But here, I give you preview.

The sexiest thing evar.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


So we went to get the door. It was an adventure. I'll post details later, (with pictures :D), but not right now. Just know that the door is still at the junk yard and the van in now imobile.

Job interview is tomorrow. I think I can get there if I start walking now.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


So why the excitement? CHECKA THIS!

That's right, folks. A Dresden Files graphic novel.

I think I've died. Or maybe just asleep. No one wake me up, plzkthnx.

Picture meme?

So...I've been taking pictures today for a kind of "A day in the life of..." kind of thing. Mostly it's pictures of my bored face while I was waiting for Nana to finish at the clinic. I'll post them...umm...sometime. Maybe later today. Right now though, I'mma go hunt down some foods cuz I'm really hungry for no apparent reason.


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