Tuesday, July 31, 2007

On the job front

I was checkin out the madison county government site last night and checka-dis:

The job that I wanted back in May is open again! Since they already have my application and whatnot, I decided to waddle on up there today and make sure that it was known that I was interested. It was known :D

I'll get my answer within 2 weeks.

Ya know...this will mean that I'll be teaching the chilrens after school...omg, the furture is dark o_o

Shake it like jell-o

make the boys say "hello"

So yah, I'm in a pretty good mood today aside from the assaults attempted by my uterus. In fact, I've actually been in SUCH a good mood, that I have had moments of "I'm kind of pretty." I know, scary right? It's weird...but it's a mood that strikes me once every few months. Now if only I could exploit this and flirt with males somewhere. Hell, I would flirt at the bowling alley if need be- problem is the lack of my social activity for the passed few weeks. I mean...the only times I've gotten out of the house recently have been to buy stuff from the store for the others in the house, and the one time that I went to the book store. And even on the rare occasion that Matilda actually has money to do something, she wants to Morristown or Newport, which is fine...but boring to me. Honestly, I'd rather go to Asheville and not spend any money on anything buy food- just walk around and look at stuff. I mean...that's all I wanted to do at Bele Chere...but even my own mother, who's NEVER BEEN, wouldn't go cuz she couldn't buy anything. I didn't buy anything last year, I just looked at stuff. *sigh* Oh well, that's over now.

In other news...I've decided that today is big girl appreciation day. First I got a friend request from a group called "+plushus" on myspace. They're a female group with the believe that big women are beautiful too. There's actually a very nice blog post on there called "Fat is the new Gay." Ya'll should check it out, it's pretty good. It also explains the name of their group. After that I was checkin the LJ friend list and Jacci had posted a music video praising big women. I was happy :D

I'm gonna head off now and search for good asian restaurants (that aren't fucking buffets >_<) and do a job search. *sighs* Stupid unemployment...I'm a hair away from looking at Ingles...gods know I'm 20 times the employee that those snot nosed brats who just SIT AROUND AND TALK while you wait for them to notice you have groceries.

I have a great distaste for Ingles employees.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Oo-de-lally, oo-de-lally...

Golly what a day.

Kudos to whoever can tell me what that's from.

You know what I miss? Toon Heads...and other such shows that would present us with the propaganda cartoons and original loony toons from the 1930's-1940's. They used to only air at night when the little tykes were in bed, but have since been replaced with Adult Swim. I love Adult Swim and all, but now it's nothing but repeats...all week. I wish they had given us back our beloved classic cartoons on late friday nights, instead of extending Adult Swim. Seriously, I'd rather be watching the cartoon of the little fighter plane that wants to be a jet, rather than another re-run of Inu Yasha (which is honestly better to watch on DVD, not because of the voices, I am not a purest afterall, but because it's uncut). With all of this said, they have released DVDs of pop-eye.

In addition to this, my birthday is next month.

You just think about that.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


So I'm reading Day Watch and a few chapters ago, there was reference to a Ramstein music video. Now, I was all kinds of proud because I recognized the description before he said the band's name, AND it's a video that I only saw ONCE at Katya's apartment. I'm pretty sure it never aired on MTV. Well now I want to share a passage with ya'll and don't worry, it doesn't contain any spoilers.

On page 279, our narrator has just met a witch named Alita:

"For a few seconds I watched the witch from behind. Her stylish silver jacket, the kind that mountin skiers and tourists wear...was decorated with a brightly colored image: a cartoon of a girl with big eyes and her foot thrust out in a kick, with the caption 'Battle Angel Alita.'"


And to make this even more HOLY CRAP- there's a picture of Alita hanging above my head right now :D

God, I love Lukyaneko's references.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Haha, I win!

I braved Asheville only to discover that no one was around. There was little to NO traffic, which is rare for the city. The book stores had a lot of people, but it wasn't crazy- I guess I waited long enough for the fans to thin out....there was actually a creepy silence from all the people reading ^^; And again, I sorta wished I could be part of the crowd, sitting around with friends and reading...but oh well, too late I guess.

I also saw Andrew, and then an hour later, saw Freeman! OMG! It was crazy I tell ya.

So this weekend, I'm gonna be reading Fool Moon- let's see if I can get the three books that I bought knocked out before the end of July :D That would be rather awesome. I should call Jen and see if she's read any more of the series...course, knowing her if she's into it, she's already read all the ones that are out XD She ties Jamie with reading ability. I'm only on number 2 ^^;

I'm full of taco bell...mmmm....

Friday, July 20, 2007

Part of a Group

So I kind of wish hat I was into the Harry Potter books...simply because I wish I was part of a group and I could be all excited about the new book being out. But...I can't be part of that...the books that I read don't get hype. They also don't come out regularly- except Dresden Files...and a new series about a rubenesque vampire. Sarah read Night Watch...so far I think she's the only one who's read the same book as me, aside from things read in school.

I wish there was a book store in town T_T Or at least in Newport. And I mean a big book store like a Barns and Noble or Borders...hell, even a Books-A-Million. But no...*sighs* I think I'm going to Asheville tomorrow, I want the second Dresden Files book, Day Watch, and Real Vampires Live Large.

Yah, I'm totally going to Asheville tomorrow...anyone want to join me?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Ok, so Sarah is (hopefully) going with me to see the show on Sat. Yay! I get to hang out with Sarah (and won't be eaten by something in a dark alley)!!

In other news...I took pictures of slugs yesterday. See, lookit!

Close up and personal

I'm sad though cuz there was a much bigger, and much oranger, slug that dissapeared when I left to get my camera. He was a ninja! OMG! Anyway...that's all my news for today...I guess that I'll buy my ticket online tomorrow and pick it up on Saturday...and maybe I'll go to the gas station tomorrow and beg for a job *grin*

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Someone go with me to the Orange Peel on Sat. Night!


Friday, July 06, 2007


...Check out these peeps: Adire

They're sorta local (for me, anyway...like an hour away, maybe less), and the lead singer's voice = hawt AND his name is LESTER! That's just plain awesome in my opinion.

So go and listen...now.