Thursday, March 30, 2006


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This is Aarin's new puppy, Mimi....yah...

She's special.

Monday, March 27, 2006


this is a conversation between me and my mom about the events that occured earlier:

[23:35] Me: so while doing laundry...Jacci came over to keep me company in the basement
[23:35] Me: we played fooseball...
[23:35] Me: violently
[23:35] Mom: lol
[23:35] Mom: whyyyyyyyyy?
[23:35] Me: cuz we could
[23:35] Me: and the ball went flying..a lot
[23:36] Me: and then I leaned forward too much in my chair (yes, we're the laziest people evar), and went flailing to the floor
[23:36] Mom: ok back up
[23:36] Mom: you were violently playing fooseball
[23:36] Mom: in chairs?
[23:36] Me: yes
[23:37] Mom: jessica lyn jenkins
[23:37] Me: what?
[23:37] Mom: wait
[23:38] Mom: you were violently playing fooseball .. in chairs... AND YOU MANAGED TO FALL
[23:38] Me: yes
[23:38] Me: I was very into the game,,,
[23:38] Mom: bless your heart ... if there were ever any doubt that you were my child, it has been forever erased
[23:39] Me: thanks for that XD

My toe still hurts from the fall XD

Monday, March 20, 2006


I'm in a good mood today...or at least, a bouncy one.

Certain people have been annoying the hell out of me lately, so we may have to have a talk, or else an otherwise good friendship may go to waste.

Not letting this or the ten billion other things in my head get to me though. I'm going to listen to my mp3 player (the headphones of which I need to replace), and bounce about til I get this bad attitude out of my system.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, damn I sure look fine.
I can't blame those horny boys, I would make me mine.

When I pass you in the club, 'oo la la' you gasp.
Back up boy, I ain't your toy, or your piece of ass!

Cause this body is a priceless piece, I love it unconditionally, yes sir...
So Mr. Big Stuff who you think you are?
You was thinkin you's gonna get it for free"

-Respect, Pink.

Friday, March 17, 2006


It's Friday...

All is right with the World.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Creative juices!

I started a new STORY