Sunday, September 25, 2005


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ISN'T HE (or she) JUST SO CUTE?!!! This raccoon lives outside the window of our dorm. We (me and Imani who can be heard giggling in the background) hope that he's made a nest in there so we can seem him lots.
Isn't wierd, too, that before mommy left the day I moved in, she had a long talk with the tree to watch over us....and now there's a cute fuzzy in it that looks in our window and doesn't scamper away when we talk to it?

Monday, September 19, 2005

Pirates rock my socks

Today is National Speak like a Pirate day! YAR! Or if you're a Russian Pirate, ЯР! I want to write an entry completely in Russian..I might do that tonight after I write up my paper for English, ya know...when I have the patience to look up words. Perhaps I'll be able to like...impress even myself and get my paper done in time to finally work on my Russian paper T_T I've just now figured out how I'm going to be able to expand it. Though I doubt I'll be able to make it a page and a half. UGH.



Hehe. I'm awesome.

Thursday, September 15, 2005


I just found out that yesterday, Mamaw passed away.

No one called my mom or nana, nana had to find out by reading the obits online.

Nice to know they care so much...

I knew it was going to happen soon...I just didn't think....I had just hoped it wouldn't have been this soon...

Thursday, September 08, 2005

OMG Stupid people should stub their toes, and I'm proof of this

So I've been plagued by a lot of paranoia of something following me. It's a spirit of some...sort...but anyway, I've ben really jumpy and having small panick attacks from it.

But really, all you should understand from this is that I'm really jumpy.

So's I go downstairs to make me a tastey cup o' ramen (draggin Imani with me for protection, of course), and go into the dark kitchen. I flip on the light and walk in, all the while talking to Imani, throw away the wrappings from my cup o' ramen, then turn to see that there has been a girl sitting in there (previously in the DARK) on her cell phone. I almost peed myself.

I swear, had Imani not been there, I would have FREAKED and beaned that 'ho with my ramen.

To top it all off...she was annoyed with us for using the kitchen and disrupting her conversation.