Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Following are two entries (the top is the most recent) copied over from my lj.

Ok...This should be lengthy...pending I remember everything that happened XD

I left around 1pm on Thursday and, after picking up a few supplies at Dollar General, I headed out to Greensboro to meet up with (Aarin). We went for some supply shopping, then spent the night watching anime such as Goldfish Warnimg and My Master. The next morning, we left around 9 something, stopped briefly for breakfast at Sheetz, then drove on out to Animazement, radio blasting and windows down the whole way.

For those who don't know, my car door beeps constantly and my ac is broken XD

We arrived at 11am (an hour before anything started), and we unpacked, then waddled about. Aarin went to stand in line for the dealer's room, while I waited to see My Hime. I regretted not going in the room earlier because they were playing Mahou Sentai MagiRanger. I managed to catch the ending song (and a clip or two of the bishi Yuki Ito), then watched most of the first My Hime Episode. I had to leave early to go to the Sailor Moon fan panel. I liked what I saw, though, and I'll deffinately be looking the series up on YouTube. I spent the hour after that eating lunch and catchng up with Imani. I missed the Ball Jointed Dolls panel, which I now wish I had gone to T_T After that I went to the Power Ranger Mystic Force (Mahou Sentai MagiRanger) panel and drooled of the wonderfl Yuki Ito.

Let's look at his picture again for good measure.

Good now? Ok. So that's when I got my picture taken with him and I was a stupid fangirl (did you know, he's actually younger than me by like five months >..>), and I won the collector's edition of Oh! My Goddess. There was some envy over that XD Imani managed to talk me out of getting an autograph from him, which I now wish I had done, but that's ok, cuz I have his picture. Maybe he'll come back next year and I can get another pic and his autograph then. The reason she wanted to leave was to go see something...but I don't remember what because I lost my paper with all the anime names on it. I think we may have actually ploddled off to the dealer's room and I bought two posters (One from Mermaid Melody and one from an anime I didn't recognize, but it was pretty). After that, there was some lazing about and then we went to the opening ceremony. Somewhere in there I met up with Steven...but it was very short lived and I mostly watched him play video games. But that was cool and he seemed nice.

And the opening ceremony, we saw all of the guests and on the way there we got in the elevator with Chris Cason, the Englsh voice of Gluttony from Full Metal Alchemist. I didn't saw anything, but I was squeeing on the inside XD During the ceremony I noticed that Caitlin Glass (voice of Winry) had a little Makona from the dealer's room. She wouldn't stop playing with it ^^; She then noticed that the girl in front of my had a huge dark Makona plushie and they started to make them dance together from across the table. It was funny as hell. I love seeing the American voice actors because they're just as fangirly and fanboyish as the rest of us Otakus. In fact, I frequently bumped into Kyle Hebert (voice of teen Gohan and the Narrator from DBZ) in the dealer's room. I dont' really remember what else happened until Anime Hell (which was FANTASTIC btw), and there was more anime watching, but again, I don't have the names of any of them XD

Saturday was mostly going to the dealer's room, except that morning (11something), Imani and me headed to one fo the video rooms and watched Kamen Rider and Mahou Sentai MagiRanger. I was SO entertained! I cannot tell you how much better the Japanese power rangers are! There was an actual story line and the script had us all laughing. It was so good! I need to find a way to watch the episodes now...they aren't posted on YouTube yet. The DVDs are hella expensive too.... Oh well, I'll find a way >..>

I didn't really go to any panels on Saturday, I mostly wandered around and watched anime. I did go to the autograph session with the American voice actors and got Caitlin Glass's autograph ^^ It's the first autograph I've ever gotten...I'll definately aim for more next year >..> That night was spent mostly walking around and that's when the Kadamari ball started XD I took the pics of the dolls that I posted earlier that night too.

Sunday was a rush because we had to check out and stuff. I did my final run of the dealer's room (I'll post the pics of my stuff later) and we packed up and left. I spent Sunday night at Aarin's and we watched more of Ouran High School Host Club. You should all watch it! Hehe. The drive home was ok...it was really hot though.

So now...yah...gonna call the Spa about my application.

Ja ne~

Originally Posted Yesterday:

So I have returned from teh animazement! It was very exciting XD There's lots of stuff that happened and I'll give a play by play later...but I tired...so ya'll will just have to live with the pictures for now.

Don't get too excited, there aren't many.

Night Time Activity XD


Doll smex, lol

Me...and the man that I will leave Kevin for. His name is Yuki Ito...look him up. BUT NO TOUCHING XD

Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Tooth Fairy Owes Me Money

I went to the dentist this morning. I went in, sat down, they took an x-ray. Then the dentist person came in, took one look at my mouth, then turned around, wrote a perscription for my infection, and mumbled something about a root canal.

Yep, June 5th I get to have a root canal.


It sounds horrible...but I looked up the proceedure and stuff...shouldn't be too bad.

But still...

A root canal.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Lost faith in Cock-eyed Doctors

So I went to the Health Center after canceling Sushi 101 with Robyn *lament* Though I guess it isn't that bad, cuz I had a lot less money that originally thought....so I suppose that makes up for it. But anyway, yah...the Health Center.

I waddled my way up there and endured the anxiety of a strep test. I did ok though, no throwing up this time. After ward, the doctor had me come in and she looked at my throat, saying I didn't have strep, but my throat was really irritated. Her prescription was to take reg. Ibuprofen (cuz the 800mg are too effing huge to swallow, especially when you have a sore throat)...but get this...she wants me to take 4 caplets (equal to 800mg) THREE times a day. THREE. Ok...even I know that you can't do that. You go over 1600 and you runt he risk of a COMA. Jesus Christ. I just kind of ignored it and waited for her to stop talking so I could leave...and I made a comment about how it was interesting that this started right after the infection in my tooth started going away. She said that they couldn't be related (not that I was asking her opinion, it was just interesting timing), and that I just had "the throat virus that's been going around." Ok. So it's a virus? So shouldn't I be taking antibiotics to get rid of it? Ibuprofen is good for pain...but it isn't going to treat a virus.

Her glasses bothered me, they were VERY crooked.

I guess I'll be going to the doctor again when I go home.

Monday, May 08, 2006


9:35am Man, my throat is killing me T_T I think maybe the AC is causing it, so I shut it off and opened the window. I guess I'm going to need cough drops when I go to the store here in a little bit. This morning is going to consist of turning in my Russian paper and eating a muffin. I think perhaps my eating schedule will be put back on track today...not that that little tidbit of information is very important...I'm sleepy and you're going here about a lot of useless things. So yah...maybe now my tummy will stop being mad at me.

I bought new earrings the other day, and their hot. I'm wearing them today.They're heavy as hell...but again, they're hot, so that doesn't matter.

10:34am Well, that was an adventure. I walked on down to McIver to turn in my paper. First I went upstairs (3rd floor) to see if she was in the office. All the doors were closed. So I went down the hall to see if she was in the class room. Nope, not there either. Well shoot. I started to walk back to the office, maybe I just needed to knock. I got halfway there when I realized that her office isn't even up there T_T Sure, that's where the department is, but for some reason they all decided that she had the plague, so her office is down in the basement. So I hopped in the elevator, ( I know it's downstairs, but I don't care, I was tired), and went to the 1st floor again. The elevator doesn't go to the basement...dunno why. I waddled my way down there, all the while fussing at myself for forgetting her office was down there, until I reached the cubical-esque area. What do I find? Her door shut...she wasn't there either. So now I'm panicking. I dunno what to do! So I slipped my paper under the door, joking with the professor in the next closet, asking her to tell Carrie not to step on it and die when she goes to her office. Really, professors have to fear slipping and falling to their doom because of papers that have been slipped under their door. Anyway...I sent her an email, warning her of the possible doom...and went to get a drink and a muffin.

It's a tasty muffin.

Is it sad that I want a nap?

Oh yah, I didn't buy cough drops. I remembered that I hate them

Thursday, May 04, 2006


Ok, you may have noticed that my layout sucks right now. But it's the only one that didn't mess up when I posted pictures. It will be one of my summer projects to make this page pretty.

Someone finish my paper for me T_T

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Sushi 101

So anyway, today is Reading Day. This of course means that the dorms are under strict 24 hour Quiet Hours to respect those studying for exams *hears screams of laughter from the hall way*- everyone is dead silent >..>

In celebration of the end of another year of school, Imani and I headed down to Sushi 101 for lunch. OMG it was SO good! I took pics of all the food that we ate ^^;

sushi 101 002
This was my tasty bento. I mean really, so much food for 6.50! I ate every bit of it too...oh, there was miso soup as well, but I didn't think to take a picture of it while I had it.

sushi 101 003
This was Imani's bento. She didn't get to finish all of her's, but she was having technical difficulties with her chopsticks.

sushi 101 005
This was the only sushi that we ate while we were there. Naturally, their sushi is really expensive...but I may get another type next time I go. It was really tasty as well *drool* Since it came with two pieces, me and Imani shared.

sushi 101 008
This is all that became of my bento XD I told you, it was really good. Man, I still feel full from all of that XD And by the way, eating salad with chopsticks- not the most fun in the world.

sushi 101 011
This was the Mango Mochi ice cream. So yummy and mango-y. There wasn't much of it, but that's ok, it made for a nice treat. I'll have to try the green tea ice cream next time. Oh, and before I forget, you may notice pretty cups with kanji and hiragana on them...that was my green tea. I know I'm sad- I got excited over the little kettle XD

sushi 101 012
And finally, an end to a good meal ^^