Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dear Mother Nature...

It is December. Have you forgotten? Cuz it's 80 degrees out.

Much respect, but no love at the mo,

Sweating After Christmas.

In other news...

Brittany is having her baby like...right now!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Well, it is the season of giving after all...

...And apparently my gift to you all is actually posting ROFL. See what I did thar? Since I can't even remember when I posted last, I apologize in advance if anything you read is old news.

So where to start, hmm....

Since about Thanksgiving or so, I've been working as a Bell Ringer for the Salvation Army. Read: Working. Yep. I totally got paid (more than minimum wage) for something that most people assume is volunteer. Though, let me tell ya, even getting paid, most people didn't want to show up. It was kinda sad. I mean, I had cranky days when I didn't want to be outside in the icky weather, (and I admit, I was sick and laid out one day), but dang, I at least showed up to complain about it. And mucho points go to Megan cuz she was like...the uber worker the whole time. She rang that bell so much that the dinger fell off yesterday XD.

This was at the Ace Hardware, I think. It was very cold. I was a ninja.

As a result, I scored an extra couple hundred bucks this month, which was good since working Thanksgiving Day SEVERELY cut my hours at the station that week and I had to pay a $146 speeding ticket. So now I've got enough for a down payment on a car and about half a month's worth of bills. I'm thinking I might get rid of my napster account cuz that's $15 right there and I hardly use it anymore. I don't really just sit and listen to music, and when I do, it's usually on youtube. But I dunno. We'll just have to see what happens. And hopefully I'll have a car by the end of January.

And of course, new car means more job hunting, yay! I have no idea how that'll play out with the gas station, but again, we'll see what happens. Lord knows I'll be feeling all sorts of guilt, though. I mean, I've been there for a year now. I dunno who Jr. would get to replace me. *is made of too much awesome*


Since the end of November I've also been knitting like crazy. I finished a scarf for Choua (sorry, no pics at the moment), a Christmas present for Aarin and a cell phone bag for myself.

Shawn has named it the Phitten...for it is a phone mitten.

Tana has requested a phitten, so that's my next project. Then I have to think of something to make for Matilda, a pair of Harley (the character, not the bike) inspired fingerless gloves, and a pair of Joker inspired fingerless gloves for Heather and England. I think without the bell ringing, I should be able to crank these out pretty quick. I also have an idea of something to make for Megan, but it's difficulty has yet to be determined. It will require pixilating a picture to make it into a pattern. Then I'll have to do math...we'll just have to see. But it'll be super awesome cool if I can pull it off.

On the 13th I went to the Warren Haynes X-Mas Jam with Megan and Natalie and saw a whole bunch of people's perform, including Joan Osborn, Johnny Winter, and Coheed and Cambria. It was made of...well, there's just not a word for it. I haven't experienced anything like it. Megan's working on a review of the whole day, so when she gets that posted, I'll try to remember to link ya'll to it if it's ok with her. Like a dummy, I didn't take my camera with me, not that I would have been able to take many pictures since I was pretty busy screaming song lyrics the whole time to deal with a camera. I did, however, get one pretty damn good one of Claudio Sanchez with my phone, though.

I feel like a jerk, though, cuz after Coheed and Cambria's set, I was ready to go home. I was wearing the wrong shoes, not to mention the fact I start to get sleepy around 10 and this concert was suppose to go on til 5am or so. I also had to work at the station the next day. So...yeah. Next year, though. Next year I'll know just what to expect and will go in armed with comfy shoes and tylenol to kill the headache. Things will be wonderful.

And that pretty much sums everything up until today. Which is, ya know, CHRISTMAS! I don't have any pictures of our decorations, just know that there are some sad lights literally just thrown into a tree in the front yard. My hoard for this year is pretty sweet, though.

You know your leghair is out of control when your mother takes it upon herself to get you an electric razor.

The Mason Dixon Knitting book is freaking hilarious and just all around brilliant. It had me giggling and excited to try the techniques and patterns in it. And I dunno if ya'll have seen the Personal Trainer: Cooking commercials, but this here thinger is nifty. It has recipes from all over the world and it reads the recipes out to you while you cook. It even has a grocery list with calculator that you can use to prepare for whatever meal your making. It has me super excited :D Next to that (apparently I'm working right to left) is a pair of earings that are purdy, though I dunno when I'll wear them. Maybe to a job interview? The big block o' Tinker bell is a full sized sheet and pillow case set. OMG Jersey knit how I love thee! And the green thing is a lady electric shaver. Despite the implications that I'm a hairy ape, I'm happy 'bout this one too. I've wanted one for a while cuz I'm all sorts of lazy. Momma said that it was actually hard to find and she's thinking of going back to get one for herself.

And everything that I can think of that's happened.

Edit: I'm a dummy and forgot to mention that all of that pretty animal print in the background is the best throw in the world. Seriously, I can't stop touching it.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Ever so close!

Current Word count: 8,114

Less than 300 words behind now. I've stepped up from behind off by 2,000! Now, let's just hope that I can crank out the 2,000 tomorrow night to get to 10k. I bet I can do it.


*butt dance*

Word Count: 6,394

Not quite caught up. But pretty damn close.

*passes out*


I just broke 5k, bitches.

Current word count: 5037!

Now I want a sammich. That was hard.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

I think I burned the roof of my mouth

So it turns out spending all day at the gas station isn't that bad. In fact, I get to sit on my ass most of the time, so it's pretty cool.

We're getting a tv by the end of next week. Complete with cable. HA! I'll be chillin' to cartoon network. It'll be fabulous.

Some really old guy (at least, he was older than my mom) totally asked me out yesterday. This was not fabulous. Wanted me to go bear huntin' with him. WTF? No, Redneck Joe, you just mosey on. I would hope that he gets mauled by a bear, but I wouldn't wish that kind of indigestion on the poor animal. No tellin' where Redneck Joe's been.

Can I not get hit on by someone my age? Not even once?


In other news: Stuff at home is reaching a peak again. Don't feel like talking about that though. It's getting old.

In other, other news: It's FALL. That's right, people. It's just the right temp outside and I don't have to sleep with a fan on and can wear clothes at night now! Oh wait, was that TMI? Too bad. You can never have that moment of your life back. HA!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

On a Roll...

My mom may want to look away...

Dear Dell,

Your service is shit.

I wanted to have a little faith in you. Just a little. The line of credit idea in order to pay for a laptop seemed like such a Godsend because Lord knows I wouldn't have been able to afford a new computer without it...but it's so not worth it anymore. It's been nearly two months, TWO FUCKING MONTHS, and I STILL don't have a charger and battery for my laptop. I'm lucky this cable still works as an AC adapter. Of course, if I so much as breathe on it wrong, it just falls right out of its port. THAT does me a hell of a lot of good.

And you know what? I should be able to just go to Best Buy or something to replace these things, but NO. I have to have a Piece of Shit charger made specifically for this laptop or it won't charge correctly. Not to mention the fact that this particular charger will die as soon as its warranty is up. Every person who's commented on it on the website has said this, and my friend with the same laptop is already on her second charger.

As soon as my loan is paid for, I'm going to scream a big FUCK YOU your way and close out my account. I'll also be saving up for a NEW laptop and parts to fix my desktop. Which I can actually do myself, thank you very much. Unlike your support, who's answer to everything is to just wipe the hard drive and start over. What? WHAT? Why can't I go to a Dell store and have then, I dunno, actually DO SOMETHING to fix my laptop? "Well, it isn't a problem if you use Norton's Ghost." I don't like that program. I don't like anything from Norton's. I shouldn't be punished for that. And I love how my laptop conveniently died RIGHT after its warranty was up and I had to pay $200 for a fucking phone call that didn't help me at all. I lost so many videos and pictures from school because of it. You know, my desktop is FRIED, but I know I can salvage the hard drive. And it's an E-machine. I think that says something about ya'll right there.

As an added bonus, I'm having to write this letter in my Livejournal and on my blogger blog because there isn't any contact information on the entirety of your site that's helpful! I don't have any questions that need answered, I just want to tell ya'll how much you SUCK. I noticed that you have a handy "feedback" button on the bottom of the page, but that's just for one's opinion of the site. I have no problems with the operation of, and it also only allows 1000 characters for a comment. My issue is much more than 1000 characters. I remember a time when all services had an email or snail mail address where one could send in a letter of their opinion of the service they were provided, but I guess you guys just don't give a flying duck shit about your customers.

No Love,

Jessica "I ain't your bitch no more" Jenkins

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Oh Em Gee Ya'll

Ok. Yah. I know it's been forever, blah, blah, blah. But whatever. Here's the general run down of things that have happened since May:

Home Life

I spend most of my time in my room, so I have no idea what's going on in the house. This is mainly due to not being able to move my laptop without shutting it down. Both the battery adn the ac adaptor have DIED on me and I'm ya know, forced to live in exile until I get that fixed. I ordered a new battery and cable the 23rd of July. Note that Monday is the 1st of September and I'm still without these items. Estimated delivery is the 10th of September.

Dell, you suck. Hard.

Gas Drama: As the Price Dial Turns

OMG the dramaz up in that station. We've gone through an employee or two since I updated with you guys, but I've been going strong. However, I was a little afraid there for a while. We kept running out of gas for days at a time and business was bad. Not to mention checks kept bouncing (including paychecks). Yah, it was pretty bad. This passed week, we were completely out of all types of fuel and were doing about $500 a day. There was this whole thing between our owner and the gas company that I can't even begin to understand beyond it being a bunch of bullshit, but that's all settled now.

In about two weeks, the store is going to be cleared out and we're going to start all over with a new owner. Starting then, I'll only be working two days a week (!!!), but for 14 hours a day (!!!!!!!). Yah, fun times ahead. I'm not really complaining, though. Seriously, I need the money. And my manager (yeah, I'll be working for the same guy), doesn't care if I sit on my butt when we don't have any customers. So I can totally sit there and read or work on stories without worrying about someone seeing me on a camera and getting fired on the spot. Manager is even going to try to talk New Owner into getting us a t.v. lol! And a comfy chair. Because the one we have now sucks. And it's not big enough for my fat ass. I fall off of it all the time.

Other than having to deal with changing distributers (I'm pretty sure everything but the gas will be coming from Sam's Club now), I'll have to worry about taxes. New Owner has other businesses and he doesn't take taxes out on their paychecks. GAH! So I'll have to worry about that by myself. Fun times.

The Future

In other words: Finances. The plan a week ago was to get a car in January. There will be sales and it's possible I could get a brand new car, if not a 2007 or '06. Happy days! However...I'm making less money now. *sigh* Paul thinks I'm making the same, but he isn't thinking about me paying taxes on my own. So I'm looking at going from $200 a week to $186 or so. It may not be coming out right then, but it will eventually so I can't plan with it. But oh well, I've bought the only thing I planned to buy other than a car- a new phone. It was time to upgrade, and it was only thiry bucks! So go me for that. So help me hope, guys.

Other than that, the only other future plans are to get a better job and find a new place. I've been talking with Megan and we've decided to get an apartment together once we can both afford it. I'm hopin' that plan comes together.

Check you peeps later.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Freaky Fanboy Crud and Missing Friends

So I've been home for like a week and haven't posted anything about Animazement. This is mostly due to being really effing lazy, but also because AZ08 was kind of a bomb. No, seriously. For those of you who didn't get to go...don't feel bad. It totally wasn't worth the $50. I think the only things I actually did that were AZ related were watch the music videos, watched Anime Hell, watched Vampire Knight...and visited both dances. There was a plushie panel I wanted to go to, but I had to sit through the music videos instead so I could get a seat for Anime Hell. I also wanted to go to a voice acting panel (it was an intro into the business kinda thing, not the one I had been to before), but the person I was standing with kinda turned their nose up at it and I didn't want to go alone. Other than that, the panels were so full of people, you couldn't get a seat.

Yeah. Very over-crowded.

Oh, and I managed to take two pictures :D

That last one is of me in the yukata that Aarin made for me :D I luffles it a lot!! I'll have to find a reason to wear it again.

Now...don't get me wrong about the weekend. I did have a blast- it's just that most of the fun was had in the room (which was in the hotel next door to the convention). There was drinking, singing, making fun of was great. There's a video of me being serenaded, but I STILL haven't fixed it to be uploaded yet. I'll get on that...sometime.

I also came back from the con with some crud that I probably caught when my sinuses were raped by the stench of freaky fanboy. Now my trashcan looks like something taken out of a fourteen year old boy's bedroom. Gah! So many tissues T_T

Monday, May 19, 2008

Animazement, wee!

So...Matilda crapped out on me. That's right, she suddenly doesn't have the money to go. Even though I asked her time and time again if she was saving money to go and she kept swearing she had plenty put away...

I'm beginning to notice she lies to me quite a bit.

So Aarin's coming to get me on Thursday and my mom's (hopefully) gonna meet us half way to Greensboro on Sunday. And the Twins are letting me stay in their room, so yay for not being completely left in the cold :D Yes I realize it's hot in May, stfu.


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hey folks!

So like...Blogger wouldn't let me post anything. I mean, that's not the only reason I haven't posted, but that's part of it. So uhh...there. Today has been a day of relaxing for me. I know my job isn't hard, especially in comparison with working at the spa, or even the library, but it's still hard on my feet. I mean...I walk there, stand the ENTIRE TIME, then walk home. And then if I have to run any errands, I walk there too. So yesterday it hurt to just walk through the house. But I have sat still for most of the day (and hey, I got up at 9am) and watched t.v., then worked on a character sketch from the RPG I post on. It came out pretty well, but I'm too lazy to go get the link for it and stuff. If you want to see, just ask.

Now, however, my rest is done. I need to go get nana's meds from the clinic and maybe I'll go to the post office. I'm still waiting on those posters I ordered in February. *sighs* I hate waiting for things T_T

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Blogger was disagreeing with my browser. *kicks blogger*

In other news, I've written two ficlets. Here's the second one.

Friday, February 15, 2008

OMG A Post! Excitement!

So I only got three hours of sleep last night before waking up at 4am to open at the gas station. Ok, so I woke up at 4:30. Mmm, sleeping in. Anymore, more on why I was up later. Right now I wanna tell ya'll about what I bought at work. It's one of the new Java Monster flavors from the Monster Energy peoples. Anyway, you guys should know by now that I hate coffee. HATE IT. However, this one (though not yet on the site) is flavored with Irish Creme- without the alcohol. OMG this is crazy bananas delicious. Ya'll just don't know. Go buy some, like right now.
Ok, so the reason I was up all night? I was RPing. Yep. Have I told ya'll that I was doing that? I think I did. Hell, I can't remember anything anymore. Anyway, it's going well. My character sort of has a love interest, but not. We're (me and another player) are trying to push them together, unfortunately, they both have relatioinship issues. *sighs* Stupid complex characters. ANYWAY that's all going well. I think I had forgotten how fun it is to just write with other people. I think it also helps that a majority of us know each other (there are a few players I don't know the true identities of, but that's cool), so we kind of know what to expect from each other. So, good stuff.
Oh, I also wanted to tell you guys about this site one of my mom's friends showed me. It's called It's basically like a round robin site where you write a very tiny bit of fiction and then someone picks up after you, then someone else continues from there. It's good for those days when you just feel like you need to write, but can't think of anything. Just write this little bit, and someone else will carry it on until POOF you have a plot :D There's also a thingie on there with ideas to give you "inspiration." I haven't done it yet, but I will sometime. I think you can use your AIM or LiveJournal logins on the site, too. So that's pretty nifty. When I get something up, I'll be sure to post a link so ya'll can add to it :D
Let's see, any other news? Spooky seems to be emotionally damaged. She's afraid of momma's room now- like will run away, mewling, if we put her in there. For those of you who don't know/remember, that's the room Scotty died in. So, take from that what you will. Right now she's up against my arm, demanding love whie I type. She's quite the needy Diva as of late.
She needs a pretty collar. One with a tiny bell on it.
*sighs* Ok, ya'll. I have to go clip and organize some coupons. Then run the dishwasher. All the while trying NOT to fall asleep. *sips more Java Monster*

Sunday, January 20, 2008

The words you scribbled on the walls...

Sorry, I've been listening to A Favor House Atlantic by Coheed and Cambria like a bajillion times this week. It's just so catchy! So is Gravemakers and Gunslingers which me and Megan decided is Harry Dresden's theme song *nodnod*.

So...some stuff has happened since my last update. Don't worry, I handled things well. I haven't posted because I'm really tired after work, not because I became a depressed recluse XD. Nah, I've been working and it's been ok. My paychecks are pretty sweet and it looks like I may finally be able to save up some money on the side. Momma hopes I'll be able to buy a car by the time Animazement rolls around. I doubt that's gonna happen, but we'll see.

I had a new list of "Things I've Learned While Working At a Gas Station," but I forget what they were lol. Probably more to do with cigs and coffee. Nothing very exciting is going on there, though I did have this hella tall guy ask me to marry him the other day because I said I know how to make home made biscuits and gravy XD. Too bad I don't really like to cook lol.

Here's a quick runbye of other things:

Health front: I'm stuck at about 284lbs. That's not bad, not bad at all. But I need to work on my tummy some. So there will be some situps being done at some point. As soon as I find a place I can do them. I've started drinking water again (the reason I stopped is a LONG story) and that's helping a lot with some upset tummyness that I've been having. Good stuff, ya'll.

Creative front: I haven't touched my NaNovel. It kinda petered out. I did go back to the story I was working on before that, though. I'm on a new chapter, but things are going slow. Again, I'm really tired when I get home from work and I pretty much just sleep. I'm working on forceing myself to stay awake though. After all, my bedtime is 8pm. No joke, ya'll. I gotta wake up at 4am. Tonight is the exception because it was my day off and my schedule is a little messy because of that.

Hobby front: I still haven't read Proven Guilty. I bought the book...but I just can't bring myself to start it, knowing I'm going to get really into it and not want to sleep. I almost started it today, but I was distracted by something else- which brings me to:

Creative front, part II: I'm teaching myself to play guitar. For those of you who knew me then, you may remember that I've always wanted to play and tried to when I was in my early teens. Well that never worked out. My mom showed me some stuff, but it was really confusing and I didn't take in any of it. Last night was the final straw. I got tired of seeing song covers played by guys on guitar (on youtube). So, within like five minutes, I was searching information on how to read tabs. I can do that now and one of the reasons I've been listening to A Favor House Atlantic is because I've been practicing reading by listening to the song while looking at the tabs. I can keep up and that makes me a bit proud. Don't worry, I'm not trying to play it. I am trying to play The Reaping though. It's pretty simple- in fact, the most difficult part is the hammer ons you have to do and those are hard on an acoustic guitar, anyway. But yah...I can play the notes up until that part. There will be more practice tomorrow after I clean up the guitar I have (it was my mom's when she was learning. It still has it's original strings OMG), and tune it. Gotta find an online tuner. I can't do that crap by least not on something other than my clarinet.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Famblee Shame, Snowmen, and Things I Learn at the Gas Station

I'mma do this in the reverse order of my title. Because I can. STFU.

Things I've learned by working at a gas station:

- I like the smell of cigarettes and tobacco in general.
- People get pissed off over a penny when gas is concerned. God forbid they think I'm overcharging them two pennies. Sometimes I wish we had digital pumps.
- When you have to pee, and you work alone, 2500 people will decide they have to buy gas.
- I can't count.
- Everyone in town smokes Marlboros...cept like three people.
- People like lotto tickets, even though they don't win anything usualy.

That's it for now.

So as some of you may remember, it snowed a bunch last week (maybe it was longer, I can't remember) or so ago. I took pictures.

So other than that, we're going through some famblee shame at the moment. For those of you who live near me and went to my high school- the guy who was (until the other day) running the like detention classes was arrested for having sex with one of the students. This is famblee shame because he's my cousin. I don't mean like, we're sorta cousins- no we have the same last name. So now everyone in the COUNTY knows. Gee thanks, News 13. Now I can't go to work. Or leave the house.


Wednesday, January 02, 2008



*goes out and dances in the snow*

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

I didn't even so much as watch the ball drop at midnight. I said "Happy New Year" to the peeps on two sets of forums and that was it. After that I fed the dog and went to bed cuz I had to wake up at 4:30am. Why? Because I needed to be up, showered, and dressed in time to leave for work around 6:30am. Yah, that's right. I get to learn how to open today :D I work til 2pm, so today won't be too bad. Yesterday I learned how to use the register and, even though my tickets and stuff all added up right, I ended up $20 over at the end of the day. Better than being under lol! It was cool, though. The only downside is that I don't get to sit down...but I have a counter to lean against, so it's cool. Hopefully today I won't hit the wrong button on the register as much and I also won't take an hour to count all the stuff in my drawer.

Though my biggest concern today is falling asleep while standing up around noon. I can see it happening already. Normally I'd be fine on only 3-4 hours sleep, but I still haven't had a chance to fully recover from working at the spa Saturday and Sunday. We were hella busy and I killed my legs during those hours.