Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Kidnapping

On our way back from Animazement '07, Matilda looked in her bags only to find....

dun dun dun...

SESSHOMARU WAS MISSING! We all checked our bags, but the plushie was no where to be found :/ There was only one conclusion- He had been kidnapped by the Bandits of General Badassed-ness!!


After months of waiting for a sign, Matilda received this in the mail:

The Proof of Life

Yes...that is her plushie, blindfolded. This was their "Proof of Life" and they included a demand for some serious amounts of money.

They said that if Matilda didn't show up on time with the money, they would feed him to their ferocious hellhounds!!

The Threat

As you can imagine, Matilda feared for her beloved Sesshomaru-sama. So...she agreed to the demands. The following is photographic evidence of the events that day.

The Victim
Matlida was so heartbroken...she had to scrap to fill that bag with money...but...she just wanted Sesshy to be safe! The Bandits of Genral Badassed-ness demanded the cowboy theme. Aparently they are big into fashion as well.

Here is the associate they sent to make the trade:

The Villian
You have to admit...this villian is made of teh secks.

This is how the exchange went down:

The Payoff
Gee, that's a funny lookin wherehouse...

And finally we have the reunion and the getaway of the Bandit of General Badassed-ness:

The Reunion

The Getaway
Apparently the villian was a little drunk with power and greed because as you can see, the Villian almost fell over during the getaway.

*sighs* At least now Sesshomaru-sama is safely in Matilda's arms.

7am WTF?

ZOMG it's early morning and I'm awake! Is this some sort of new miracle?!

Nope, I just haven't fallen asleep yet lol.

Oh and....TANJOBI DESU!!! I ish quite excited about that.

That's not why I'm awake's cuz my sleep schedule is fuxors and my wisdom teeth are giving me a headache XD It's ok though...cuz I wanted cinnamon buns. So now I'm making breakfast, which caused the following conversation:

Me: *pokin about in the kitchen, makes some noise while getting tinfoil*
Mom: What the HELL are you doing?
Me: ...Makin cinnamon rolls...
Mom: Oh...well then. Ok :D

She was excited that food was being made.

So yah...I'mma eat some of those and continue working on the current Gaia Event. And if I haven't passed out by then...well...I'll finally do that picture post I keep hinting to.

Saturday, August 11, 2007


Hooray for light trails!


There's more on my flickr page.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

An open letter and some silliness

Dear Spider Queen,
Please tell your minions to GTFO. I'm tired of seeing a spider every time I turn around. Seriously, this has got to stop. It's not that I can't coexist with them...I just feel threatened and will kill them on sight. But this can be avoided. Just keep your minions *inside* our walls, around the general perimiter, and under the house. There are lots of food sources out there and I won't have chest pains anymore.

See how we all win?

You're friendly neighborhood aracnophobe,

And now I give you this: