Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Temple o' Dew

Temple o' Dew
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yah...this is me totally NOT taking out the recyclibles

Thursday, August 25, 2005

A Perfect Circle is neat...

I've been soooo slacking in updates...not that any of you mind, I'm sure. You all have important Blogger lives to get to, so I'll make this relatively short.My birthday is on Monday. WOOOO! I will have reached my SECOND decade of life. Neat, huh? I already know what I'm getting from nana...mainly because I actually told her something she could get me, OH EM GEE!! You have to understand that every year she asks me, and every year I say "I dun care..." But this year I was prepared with links to eBay shops XD However, once she looked at it and realized PayPal was involved...she was all about me buying it myself, ^^; So she's just gonna pay me back for it when I go home. As for what I ordered: a container of 1,004 pieces of paper for making Lucky Stars ^^; And a pack of 60 strips of Virgo paper (purple!) for stars as well. So much fun! After I make enough for my first wish (1,000), I'm gonna get some different paper for making pretty stars to hang from strings in the room. I may also make some cranes XD I like origami...it's one of the few crafts that doesn't cause great amounts of stress for me when I mess up, cuz there are always at least TWO things I can make: stars and cranes.

Sometime this weekend, after I get tired of doing homework, I'm going to get started on the layout for my Achillies webcomic. Yesyes, my SNAIL is going to have his own webcomic. Cool, ne? Kevin's going to program it for me...though I have to do all the arty crap. I have a good idea of what to do, I'm just not sure about like...sizes of things that will go on the site. That kind of stuff confuses me a little.

In related news, Kevin is working on a blog script...something like LJ or Blogger that will be offered to the public. It's not finished yet, but if you want one, just sign up for a site with Kylosa (it's free!) and he could make you one for your own use ^^ His newest addition to the script allows multiple users for one blog, but it has an administrator who chooses who can be added and who will be able to edit what. Also, it allows for avatars ^^ I ish proud of him for it.

In OTHER news, I started another short story XD I haven't given up on the MacPhearson story yet, though. I've been working on it a little while sitting in class. You guys know me, I tend to write a little, work on something else, then come back to it. I've heard from other writers, too, that that works really well. Keeps you from getting bored with the same idea. My new story takes place in a town like Hot Springs, but not, (though I say that it takes place in the mountains of NC and the main character goes to "Patriot High School" XD), and she comes to find out that they've been hiding something (as do most small towns). She comes to find out that living in the river, (or a big lake, can't decide quite yet), there is a mermaid. Now, this mermaid is by far no Princess Ariel. She's based on the Japanese legends (cuz those are the only actual mermaid legends I know), in which Mermaids are friggin EVIL. See, first a person feeds from their flesh, if they survive, this person becomes immortal. However, if a Mermaid feeds on the flesh of one of these immortals, prefferably a girl, then that Mermaid takes on that person's youth and beauty. It also allows for them to disguise themselves as humans. I think. I gotta do a little more research and iron out the fine details. Anyway, this girl, by a series of events, ends up being basically thrown to the Mermaid. I can't say much else without giving away a great deal, but that's the gist of it.


Awww....I'm out of Pocky...

Thursday, August 18, 2005

That's how the courses drop...err...something

So...I just dropped my writing fiction class. Now then, lemme explain before I start getting yelled at by the likes of Megan and Emily...either Emily. My legs have gotten worse since last year. They're staying constantly swollen...much like mommy feared they would. They'll prolly stay like this until I go to her doctor so's that he can point at me and say that I have inbred-hillbilly syndrome. For this reason, walking to Graham is out of the question. I didn't just fall comming out of there because of the step, I fell because my legs couldn't carry me anymore T_T Other reasons include the fact I'm terrible in workshops because I offer no help for other writers and that my work load this semester is a lot and I don't really have time for writing.

So yah.

I hate admitting defeat...

I hate being defeated...

Well...it seems my legs and hands have been swollen for...lesse...three days straight. I may have to drop my writing ficiton class...not just because I have like...2 .oz of self esteem with my writing, but rather because I just can't walk to the Graham building. This is the first semester that I've had this much trouble...and I don't like it. But ya know, I can deal with it. Besides, with all my other work, I don't think I'd have time to finish the two required stories.

I hate admitting defeat, though T_T

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

So...here we go with the update.

First off...the bunk beds that were already set up didn't make it through the night. As soon as I found out how wobbly it was, we took that sucker down ^^; They're lofted now, and it's much more comfy. We're excited cuz we have like, a crazy amount of space.

As for the classes...I love all my classes on Mondays, Wednsdays, and Fridays. Especially Japanese...I think I'm going to do well in that class, and the Prof is so cute and funny XD She likes to tell stories, particularly about her cats. Her cats are her children. Anyway...yah...totally need to be doing Russian homework...so maybe more later when I can think more clearly o..O

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


It's not much of an update...but at least it's something, ya know?
When she returned to the McPherson house, she was greeted by a very angry little Jamie. He clung to her skirt and looked up at her with large eyes and a furrowed brow. In his little voice, he scalded her for leaving him without telling him and burst into tears before he could finish his lecture. She could do nothing but smile at him. Over the years, she had learned well how to hide behind a good smile and with this she would hide the pain of leaving him again. She bent down and pulled him close, brushing his dark, curly hair from his face and wiped away his tears. She slid the fiddle case that she had been carrying from her right shoulder down her arm and opened it. Little Jamie stared at it for a moment, and then looked at his mother in confusion. “Take it,” she said, “and learn to play. Become the best fiddle player that all of Scotland has ever seen, and when people hear your nimble fingers dancing along the strings, they’ll be hearing the voice of your people. This way, you’ll never forget.” Little Jamie didn’t say a word. He was afraid of saying goodbye, afraid that saying out loud would make it true. He simply cried without stopping as his mother bent down to kiss his forehead and then walked away.
Little did he know that the separation from his mother wouldn’t be quite as long as either of them had expected.

Monday, August 01, 2005

La Chupracabra and the thing under the bed.

You all need to read this comic. It's HEEElarious.
Plus there's a chupracabra in a bere...who couldn't love that?