Thursday, March 31, 2005

The story continues

So I went to work and Me, Marion, and Jackie had a talk. There were a lot of appologies for me having to expirience this and general threats toward the guy (I feel like I have about five moms...including Kevin's bosses at A&T). She said that I had two choices:

1. Wear a security device that buzzes the front security desk and alerts the police to what floor I'm on in case I see him again. He would then get escorted out of the building.

2. Have Jackie go up there with the police and have him escorted out, and possibly banned.

Marion said she wanted me to wear the security thing whenever I'm alone anyway, just in case. Jackie also suggested as part of the second one, that she SQUISH the boy. I like the squishing. So tomorrow, around the time he's usually there, Jackie's going to go up there and have a look around. If she sees a guy that matches my description, (along with his friends), she's having them ALL taken out of the library. I think she's also filing a report with the police because he constitutes as a sex offender. Marion was a bit skeptical that they could ban him from the library, but Jackie is completely fighting for him to be kept out of the building perminately.

I'm a happy dragon right now.

This is mainly a messege to mommy

I was umm…assaulted…at the library today. There was this guy who kind of kept following me while I was shelving and he was apparently intent on having me watch him play with himself. He didn’t hurt/touch me, and he ran back to his chair next to his buddies when I told him to go away (ok, so it was more like “get the eff away from me”). This guy is a student, about my age, and his friends happen to be people that Choua (my friend) had class with, and she may actually know their names. I told Marion and today me, her, and the big boss lady are going to talk about what’s going to be done about it, and until everything is sorted out, she said that I’ll be no where near tower 2.

I’m fine…just a little paranoid of males right now.

I’ll update later when I get back from work.

Monday, March 28, 2005

School is crap, but that's ok

because last night was BEAUTIFUL! Though, I guess I should say this morning. I woke up at about 5am to the sound of rolling thunder. I was so happy! There was lighting flashing three or four times between each thunder boom. It was also pretty amusing watching Imani duck under the covers ^^; I'm a bad person.

But I don't care cuz this morning made me happy.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


"Stop playin with my ass woman...

I've got a Dahaka chasing me!" And yes, Kevin said that. He was playing Prince of Persia: Warrior Within and he was being chased by the Persian God of Death, the Dahaka. He's mean. Well, Kevin gets all antsy when he has to run from the Dahaka and I was being mean and pokin him on the rear while he was playing, cuz ya know, I do crap like that.

He squealed lots when he was playing. Hehe.

We then noticed that while the Dahaka is chasing you, you can hear it's hooves on the stone and they get louder and faster as it's closeing in. It was then that I wondered..."Does the Dahaka need shoes?"

Monday, March 21, 2005

Same ol' same ol'

Today has say the least. Just my usual kind of day; woke up to Imani yelling at me and complaining because I wouldn't (couldn't actually- I was still drugged from the NyQuil...that crap knocks me out yo'), get out of bed and she kept playing this annoying song "Wake Up" from Lazy Town. She seems to think that it's horrifying enough to make me get out of bed. Really all it does is piss me off even more. Do you know how annoying it is for someone to call you lazy when you don't sit up in bed cuz your head is spinning and it feels like your bed is vibrating? I day she's going to get smacked in the head with whatever is closest to my bed. And if you know me, then you realize just how much stuff that is. ANYWAY, after that I went to my papers and stuffs that I missed last week...went to my other class...giggled lots because my teacher is all small and cute. Really...and she giggles a I end up giggling a lot o.O After that I attempted playing Prince of Persia. I've been stuck in the same battle for about three weeks. I just can't seem to kill all the sand soldier...thingies. It's really frusrating. I gave up on that and played with my camera a little...too random pictures of my face...I might post them later, I dunno. They aren't exactly the best in the world.

I wish I could take pictures that made me look amazing. Something for me to think about.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Fun times with the boy child

Weeee!! I have, once again, confiscated the laptop of the boy child (as my mommy lovingly refers to him), and I don't plan on giving it back!! Mwahaha! he'll probably tickle me adn steal it back...but yah know, at least I have goals, ok? I've decided that I hate mouse pads on laptops. They are most definately not made for people with large man-hands such as myself. And yes, Kevin has smaller hands than me. It's a sad fact of life, I know. Anyway...this weekend hasn't been too bad so far. Friday I spent a lot of time here at Kevin's house, mostly watching him play Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. It's the sequal to Prince of Persia, which I have. You should really check out the trailers for that game, the graphics are unbelievable and the main character is HOT. Like, even guys think he's hot. After that he took me back to my room where I knocked myself out with NyQuil and proceeded to NOT do any of my homework. Really, I'm not that much of a's just that I really wanted to knock this cold out of me so me and Kevin will stop trading it back and forth...cuz everytime he starts to get over it, I give it to him again ^^; I'm a germ breeding ground.

Yesterday I got up around 10am and, while in a drugged and groggy state, got dressed and waited for Kevin to come get me. Apparently when he had called that morning, he had told me to call him when I was ready. Well, due to said druggeof d and groggy state, I didn't hear this and I ended up waiting til he finally called at noon, wondering why the hell I hadn't called him back yet. After all the fussing and general aggravation (that's usually over dramatized by my baka of a boyfriend), me, him, and our friend Damian all went to the Natural Science center. There was much walking around and complaining because pretty much everything they had was broken and like half of the petting zoo was closed off for repair and whatnot. But, I got to pet a goat, so I was happy. We also saw this little education show thingie and it was fun and full of giggles because the woman in charge kept forgetting the kids' names when they would volunteer. She'd pick on us to answer questions too. All in all, it was ok...but I wasn't really impressed with the place. After that we went to Edward McKay's (a used bookstore) where Kevin bought a copy of the game Skies of Arcadia and I bought a copy of Night of the wolf. We then continued our usual rounds of going to K-Mart and Walmart. I bought a reduced price copy of Monster Hunter. It seems umm...interesting.

We later dropped off Damian and I spent the night with Kevin. There was much girlfriendy/boyfriendy stuffs going on. It's all rather mushy, so I won't get into it here. I'd rather not hear the sound of my readers (probably only reader), wretching for days.

I don't have any other news, really. OH! You MUST watch the DRAGONS: Fantasy Becomes Reality thingie that's coming on tonight at 8 on Animal Planet. HOLEH CRAP! It shall be awesome.

I really need a personal icon thingie...perhaps I shall use a picture of the Price of Persia. I don't care if it's a male...he's hot and that's all that matters.

Thursday, March 17, 2005


SNOW! Yep, it finally snowed...but we get NOTHING as result. By which I mean, classes are operating as usual. *gumbles*

It's not fair.

Hooray for official bloggness

Wow. I'm proud of me for actually being able to say that I have a blog. I mean...I have a livejournal...ok, so actually two...but those are livejournals, not blogs. There really does seem to be a difference between the two.

As my first post...I feel that I must explain why I started this. It's mostly because I have several friends who are on here (my mother included) and I kind of forget to read their blogs. I feel this will remind me to read them. I also plan to use this as a place to work on my various stories and to make a more mature and less whiney journal of sorts...though we all know this plan shall fail...

it'll fail HARD

I'll probably use it to post pictures, realistically....and to rant about how I don't fit in anywhere in reference to my heritage.