Saturday, April 30, 2005


So I'm sittin here...heatin up some lasana that I bought at the C-Store and preparing to go through my Ancient World notes for a paper due on monday. It's very much the end of the semester and I have a ton of things on my mind. Mostly how much money I it enough to order my computer stuff (I could still use that video card, ram, and wireless adapter), and would I still have enough money to buy fun stuffs at Animazement? And does all this money spending make me a bad person when I know I should contribute to the groceries and bills at home seeing as I'm old enough to do so? I mean really...all I seem to do is mooch off of my family. And what about exams? Am I anywhere near being prepared for them?

Bah. Someone should lop off my head to get rid of these thoughts.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Shake that thang, gurl

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See, even in the medievil setting, one can find booty dancing.

And yes, that Warrior is indeed doing a pelvic thrust

Illiana Beartalker

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See, Guild Wars is the new crack! Even though you don't have as many costomization otptions with GW as you do with EQII, I'm proud of my pretty character! I'll take a capture of my pet too later.

*sings* Call me, beep me, if ya wanna reach me

Ok, yah, I don't know why the Kim Possible theme song is stuck in my head either.

So Kevin installed a random video card that he had laying around the house (I think it was his lil' brother's old one) and now I can play guild wars! I created a Ranger/Elementalist named Illiana Beartalker. Go me! And ya know...if it wasn't for the fact I already have a pet cat in the game, I would totally charm a bear...however, my cat is a level five, whereas the bears are only a we're stickin with the cat until I find a higher level bear.'s an awesome game...but I got frustrated a lot because I died twice and I kept losing Kevin. I feel all kinds of inferior to him and Carl at the moment, cuz ya know, this is my first MORP *looks all embarrased* and they know everything whereas I know squat. I think I'd much rather play with Emily, cuz she's playing for the first time too. I just have to figure out how to spell her screen name.


Tuesday, April 26, 2005

My life is quite like burned popcorn...

I don't know how it is, but if you can explain it, be my guest.

So yah...tomorrow I gots to go to EB Games and pick up my copy of Guild Wars. This is fun yet depressing at the same time. Fun, quite obviously because it's a game that I'll be able to play with Kevin, Carl, and Damian over the summer. Kevin's uber excited and he actually said "I always wanted a girlfriend who wanted to do dorkish things like this with me." Apparently his other girlfriends were boring prisses. Go me. This is depressing however because I gots to shell out forty bucks for the game, and I HAVE to get it tomorrow cuz I'm only garunteed a copy for 48 hours (yay preorder garunteeing me a copy). Plus, once I buy it...I'll have to wait til after this week to play it cuz I still have to order the parts for my computer, for which I will be spending extra money to have it sent express mail to ensure it gets here before I leave. That way Kevin will be able to install all the stuffs and I won't get home with my computer in pieces and me staring at the motherboard, wondering at all the pretty colors like I did last Saturday at Kevin's Grandmother's computer. I think...I'll have like...*thinks* $300 left, though. Maybe the $280 range. I've been obssevily calcutlating it for the passed couple of weeks. I don't think I'll be that bad off afterward. Plus I'll get more money (though not much more) after I sell my books back. I think last semester I got about $90. I might get more like $50 this year, though, cuz most of my books are little plays that they may not even accept, and if they do it'll prolly be for less than a dollar. But that's ok, any cash is good cash.

My drama exam is this Thursday. I don't expect to do well on it...but by golly I is gonna try my best. Weeee for BSing essays!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

So new stuff! ok, maybe not...

Nothing new happenin, thus why I haven't posted anything ground-breaking. Though I think later, whenever flickr wants to agree with me, I may post pictures of the beautiful clothes worn at I-Fest this passed weekend.

In more other'll take about $135 to get my comp ready and rearin to go for Guild Wars. Yes...I know I'm spending money for a game...but it's a game that I can play online wif my silly boy, Carl, and Damian. I really like the idea of that. And it's free to play online, unlike many other morps. It's just that the game will be $50 when it comes out -_- But I'll only have to pay 40 then if I preorder it and make a ten dollar downpayment (yah, I know it doesn't make a difference, but I get spiffy things in the game, plus posters and stuff).

I want something I can lose myself in while I'm at home, I mean...I spend all of my time at school thinkinig about school, and when I go home I think about school with the addition of crap going on there (and don't say there isn't, because there is. Always has been).

It's really not a lot to ask, I think.

Friday, April 15, 2005

I just don't really know how it happened...

Me and Imani went with Choua to watch the Asian Student Association reherse for their anual "Asian Extravaganza" (hehe). I swear to any and all gods that I only went to WATCH.

Somehow, I have become part of the Asian Extravaganza.

As many of you may notice, I'm not Asian, but come Sunday I'll be dressed in tradtional Mong clotheing, and walking around with Choua as though I know what I'm doing. WHEEEE!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

More annoucements!

Geez, I'm like the announcement person today....errr something like that, anyway.

So my schedual for next semester will be as follows (without any changes, hopefully)

Monday: 10am Shakespeare: Early Plays and Sonnets, 11am Russian Conversation (a different class from the one that I took this semester), 12pm Japanese 101.

Tuesday: 9:30am Approach to the Study of Lit., 11am Major American Authors: Colonial-Romantic, 2pm Writting Fiction: Intermediate.

Wednesdays and Fridays are just like Monday, while Thursday is just like Tuesday.

Mmmm, 18hours of classes. I'mma gonna DIE. PLUS I'll be working an extra hour in the library...just because I could add it in, and we all know that I could use as many hours as I can get. I won't be working any later than 5, so as not to endanger myself anymore than normal, plus Marion will be there until my last half hour, and Jackie will be there long after I leave. This makes me happy. My day will pretty much be done by five, and I'll actually have time to eat breakfast and lunch each day, which will be nice cuz having three full meals a day will help keep my weight down (I don't know why, but it does). I think I'll have to start taking those multivitamins again too. Believe it or not, they actually helped...I only stopped taking them cuz nana fussed at me for accepting something from Kevin's mom. I should probably start eating pinapple like my mommy too...for I have started kicking in my sleep and every day I wake up to swollen legs. Not good with all the walking I've had to do this passed semester.

Anyway...I'm going to go get some cheesecake for I'm at Borders. I be likeing me some cheesecake.

English is going to Kick. My. Ass.

My days seem bipolar

So yesterday was a great day...except later last night I felt like crap for NO APPARENT REASON and I was really tired. But it was that kind of tired where you feel like you could just drop at any moment, but you can't got to bed, ya know? So I ignored it and did my homework and a load of laundry (oooo, responsibity, imagen that). After I finished my work, I realized that it was almost midnight and my registration for next semester started then. If you've never tried to register for classes online, then you've never had to endure the experience of THOUSANDS OF CLASSMATES all trying to access the same server at once. It isn't pretty. Not to mention by then time you get all logged in and put in your special code given to you by your advisor, most of the classes you wanted to sign up for are full. I was gonna be one step ahead last night, I had my code (after searching and nearly crying because I thought I had lost was under my keyboard the whole time), and I was trying my best to be patient as the internet slowed to a crawl while I was logging in. I got up to the code part. You have to do this before you can put in the codes for your classes. I put in my code and...denied. Hmm...I must have gotten the numbers backwards. I put it in another...ten times. All with the same result. Apparently I got a bum code. *sighs* First you should know that the idiots here keep assigning me a guy who quite four years ago as my advisor. Instead I have to go crawling to the head of the English department for his sympathy, (and more importantly, his code). I hadn't been able to meet with him about my class choices because our scheduals conflict...BADLY. So I emailed him last night about it and went to bed, weeping, because there was very little chance that the classes I wanted would be there, waiting for me in the morning, and I had no backups. Still no answer this morning. I then went to class, being in a general funk. I got to my English class only to find out that both me and Imani had the wrong books with us. Crap. Our professor in that class is a total snob and likes to pick on those who forget their books, even if they're the best students in the class. I really want to kick her. So we just left. This makes our third absence (which is really good for me), we can't miss anymore days due to her insane attendence policy (that no student agrees we should have), and ya know...she even said "why even bother coming to class if you don't have your book?" So yah...we went to the tv room in the EUC and watched Charmed and I read for my drama class. I continued to stay in my funk through Astronomy, and became worse off after seeing my test score. According to UNCG, I passed it, but Danford would like to say that I'm failing. I can't stand him either. Everyone in the class did poorly, so I know that it isn't just me being dumb. I seriously think he needs to learn how to teach. I mean, he's a smart man and great in his field...but he can't and shouldn't teach.

After the rest of my classes, I grabbed some food and waddled my way back to my room. I checked my e-mail and found that he answered me! Yay! Granted, he made some crappy-ass comment about "since your a sophmore, I can give you your code" Yah, whatever, I don't technically have to meet with you anyway, Mr. Romine, as I am not your advisie! It is YOUR job as head of the department I will one day join to ensure that I can take classes :P Silly man. Anyway, I logged in and crap, beign rather pessimistic about getting my classes and lo and behold, ALL of them were available! WOO! I'm particularly happy that I get to take Writing Fiction: Intermediate. That class isn't offered very often at all.

I'll post my schedual later...right now I'm waiting for Kevin to come and pick me up so we can get dinner and stuffs.

Monday, April 04, 2005

And there was great rejoicing!

OMG SO HAPPY!!! So I went to work and Emily did our usual "operation catch pervy bastard" routine. She went out onto the second floor first and looked for anyone there. She said there was a hindi/arabic guy being tutored. We decided to go the long way around, that way I'd be at the front, far away, and still be able to see into the glass room. As soon as we leave the stairwell, I see him, (who wasn't the guy Emily fact, she said that this guy wasn't even there when she first went out), right in front of me, talking to a girl. We immediately went downstaires and told Jackie. She called the cops and went upstaires, two cops following, and caught him, brought him downstairs, and put him in her office. She then had three of us walk by so I could look in the window and see if it was the same guy. Yup, it was. *glee* So now he's being charged with assualt, and tresspassing (neat considering he was in a public library). This means that if he's convicted, he'll be banned from the library. I have to go to court the 11th of May to testify...that'll be a new expirience. We even caught him talking to another girl who said that she didn't know him and he was creepy. He said that she had started talking to him >.> When we saw them, she wasn't saying anything.


Creepy liar guy.

So now...I just wait...and kind of hope that I don't see him on campus. After he goes to criminal court, he'll be sent to student court because he's a student and by making me feel unsafe on campus, he is impeding on my learning. It's possible he could lose financial aid, I think. They didn't say that...I just think that something really bad for him will happen in student court, esspecially since our campus is trying really HARD to crack down on this sort of thing.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Spirit related ramblings.

After reading this, you have every right to think mommy should commit me. And sometimes I'm sure she'd agree.

For those who don't know, since about the time I was fifteen, I've pretty much KNOWN that in my past life (if not my FIRST life), I was a dragon. A big, purple, Earth element dragon. You now have permission to laugh. It does happen to be something I take seriously, but not like to the point that I'm all "Kill humans for hey killed my kind!" Believe it or not, there are lots of Draconics (don't blame me if the link doesn't take you to the right place), who think humans suck because psycologically they can't accept that that is what they are in this life. I have accepted it and moved on, and even though I don't think humans are the best species in the world, I don't want them to die in mass genocide. ANYWAY, the reason I bring this up is that lately I haven't felt like I'm anything. My spirit guid (the one I've seen since I was like 5) has basically been chased off. There's a long story behind it all that I don't feel like telling right now, but I had to make a choice, he accepted it, and he left. I've been having a lot of nightmares since he left. I suppose I wasn't quite strong enough to take on the demons myself...but my wolf is dealing (and yah, I have spiritual skitzophrenia, my soul is both dragon and wolf at the same time). This recent emptiness is different, however. Whenever the DORK boy (my boyfriend), talks about his dragon and what he looked like and how he acted and stuff...I want to scream at him to shoosh and cry because I cant' seem to remember any of this before. I used to remember exactly what she looked like and her personality, other dragons she knew. Now all I can remember is her color, she had a jewel in her forehead...and that's about it. I told all of this to Kevin last night because I've been groucy and mopey all week. He went onto a whole schpeal about how one can't change who they were and that I shouldn't doubt. He also said "I KNOW that I'm a dragon...and dragons know they're own kind. You feel like a dragon. Therefore, you are. And more importantly you're my dragon." I then began to bawl my little eyes out like the girl that I am. He can be terribly sweet when he wants to. I don't neciscarily feel any better today...something is still wrong. I just don't really know what it is.

Ah well...for now I shall chock it up to hormones.

Saturday, April 02, 2005


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This is a picture I took of myself one day when I was really aggravated and bored. So ya know, naturally I decided that taking pictures of myself (something I hate for anyone to do to me), would be the perfect answer.

It's been played with in photoshop...basically just used diffuse glow so you wouldn't see how red my face was. I think it made my freckles stand out more...


Originally uploaded by Marlewen.
This is a picture I took of myself one day when I was really aggravated and bored. So ya know, naturally I decided that taking pictures of myself (something I hate for anyone to do to me), would be the perfect answer.

It's been played with in photoshop...basically just used diffuse glow so you wouldn't see how red my face was. I think it made my freckles stand out more...

Friday, April 01, 2005

New work day

I haven't gone into work I dunno what's going to happen. Hopefully police will be invovled and I will get the satysfaction of seeing him dragged off by officials while I utter nastey things about him in Russian. I can do that you know.

Last night I drempt about yelling at him in Arabic...this morning, Imani said I was kicking the wall angrily in my sleep.


Woo for subconscious!

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