Thursday, August 18, 2005

That's how the courses drop...err...something

So...I just dropped my writing fiction class. Now then, lemme explain before I start getting yelled at by the likes of Megan and Emily...either Emily. My legs have gotten worse since last year. They're staying constantly swollen...much like mommy feared they would. They'll prolly stay like this until I go to her doctor so's that he can point at me and say that I have inbred-hillbilly syndrome. For this reason, walking to Graham is out of the question. I didn't just fall comming out of there because of the step, I fell because my legs couldn't carry me anymore T_T Other reasons include the fact I'm terrible in workshops because I offer no help for other writers and that my work load this semester is a lot and I don't really have time for writing.

So yah.

I hate admitting defeat...


England said...

Don't feel bad. I'm thinking of dropping a class because of the long walk, and I do not have a medical problem. I'm just fat.


Marlewen said...

XD Classes shouldn't be so far from dorms, and that's final. Specially with the heat we have in this state...I think it's a ploy to kill off college students >..>