Monday, March 27, 2006


this is a conversation between me and my mom about the events that occured earlier:

[23:35] Me: so while doing laundry...Jacci came over to keep me company in the basement
[23:35] Me: we played fooseball...
[23:35] Me: violently
[23:35] Mom: lol
[23:35] Mom: whyyyyyyyyy?
[23:35] Me: cuz we could
[23:35] Me: and the ball went flying..a lot
[23:36] Me: and then I leaned forward too much in my chair (yes, we're the laziest people evar), and went flailing to the floor
[23:36] Mom: ok back up
[23:36] Mom: you were violently playing fooseball
[23:36] Mom: in chairs?
[23:36] Me: yes
[23:37] Mom: jessica lyn jenkins
[23:37] Me: what?
[23:37] Mom: wait
[23:38] Mom: you were violently playing fooseball .. in chairs... AND YOU MANAGED TO FALL
[23:38] Me: yes
[23:38] Me: I was very into the game,,,
[23:38] Mom: bless your heart ... if there were ever any doubt that you were my child, it has been forever erased
[23:39] Me: thanks for that XD

My toe still hurts from the fall XD


Terri D. said...

LOL! You and you're mom have the funniest conversations. It reminds me of the book, the day Timmy's Boa ate the wash.

Marlewen said...


The Day Timmy's Boa Ate the Wash? I've never read that...but I'm already giggling.

Terri D. said...

lol, ya, like the little girl goes on this field trip, and tlels her mother about it. And the girl starts off with how Timmy's boa ate the wash, and the mom keeps going back and she's like, 'What?', and then the girl has to explain. The little girl is like, well, of course there was no room on the bus, because the pigs were on it. And the mom is like, the pigs were on the bus? And the girl is like, yeah, because they were eating our lunches. And the mom is like, why are they eating your lunches, and the girl is like, because we threw all their corn. Then the mom is like, why were you throwing their corn? And the girl was like because we ran out of eggs, and it all goes back to the story that Timmy brought his boa on his field trip, and it scared a chicken which dropped an egg on this girl, which started an egg fight, which led out to the pig field and then the pigs got onto a bus, and so on and so on. lol, that's a lot, but it reminded me of that story. You should go to a library and look in the kid's section. It's an awesomely funny book.

Anonymous said...

Damn. This is something I would do.