Friday, July 28, 2006

Gomen nasai ^^;

Sorry, I've been kind of absent lately. Thanks to a shopping trip with Matilda, I've aquired a copy of Kingdom Hearts II. So yah...I'm up to like...15 hours or addicting XD So far, my favorite part is Atlantica because you get to hear "Part of Your World" and, as most of you probably don't know, that's of my favorite-est Disney songs EVA! Partially because the Little Mermaid was the first movie that I saw in theaters.

Ursula scared me so much! *hides*

Anyways...yah...that has consumed my life for the moment. Other than that, though, I've been thinking about school starting and getting a general financial plan in my head.

Today, however, was full of nastyness. Other than being thrown in the car with Nana (she's driving me crazy >.<), I was given the oh-so-fun task of cleaning the fridge. OMG....THERE WAS LIQUIFIED LETTUCE! I kid you not...sooooo nastey *shudders*

I don't even want to think about having to wash dishes at this's looking worse than the fridge in that sink XP


Terri D. said...

lol! I heard KH2 steals your soul. But you know, in the good way, that leaves minimal soul scarring. Hey! If you want to have a Firefly marathon ('cause I'm getting the boxed set) then call me. Once school starts we can do it up big.

Marlewen said...

It does indeed. I haven't finished it yet though...had to pack it away XD

OMG FIREFLY MARATHON! Somehow, I feel whisky should be involved o..O And much envy of you getting the box set xD