Saturday, February 03, 2007


Mou...I hate being up least it isn't 6am. So I haven't posted in like...forever and a day, I know. I'm sorry T_T *wonders for a moment who the crap she's talking to seeing as only like four people read this*

So this week has been pretty nice. There was a snow day on Thursday so the whole University was closed. I didn't have class OR work- it was great ^^ Though of course instead of getting ahead of my homework like I did last week, I decided to sit on my butt and finish watching Tactics on YouTube. It was a good series *nodnod* I also read like 250 pages of this totally awesome book For a Few Demons More. It's sooooo has vampires and witches and the like which of course made me happy. The only sad thing is that it was the fifth book in a series, so now I have to find all the other ones XD Normally I wouldn't start a series with the last book, but this one is and "Advance Reader's" edition, (meaning it hasn't gone through the final editing process), that my boss brought back from the ALA conference. I love when she brings us free stuff ^^; I manged to finish the book yesterday, so that's a new record for me- 456 pages in three days, woo!

After all that reading, I watched Nana on YouTube for a while and I am now addicted to the opening song. If someone could get me the soundtrack to that series I'd owe them firstborn child. Maybe I can find it on Gendou's music...

Last night I managed to get some kind of creativeness flowing and wrote two pages for what my friends and I call The Lumpy Dragon Princess story. Yah, it doesn't have a title yet, lol. Maybe I'll type it up for Jacci tonight while I continue to put off doing my Japanese paper....

Aww fudgenugets! I have a Russian Lit. paper due on Monday T_T

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