Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hey folks!

So like...Blogger wouldn't let me post anything. I mean, that's not the only reason I haven't posted, but that's part of it. So uhh...there. Today has been a day of relaxing for me. I know my job isn't hard, especially in comparison with working at the spa, or even the library, but it's still hard on my feet. I mean...I walk there, stand the ENTIRE TIME, then walk home. And then if I have to run any errands, I walk there too. So yesterday it hurt to just walk through the house. But I have sat still for most of the day (and hey, I got up at 9am) and watched t.v., then worked on a character sketch from the RPG I post on. It came out pretty well, but I'm too lazy to go get the link for it and stuff. If you want to see, just ask.

Now, however, my rest is done. I need to go get nana's meds from the clinic and maybe I'll go to the post office. I'm still waiting on those posters I ordered in February. *sighs* I hate waiting for things T_T


Terri D. said...

No! I totally hear you. When I worked at Blockbuster it was the same, at least I got to drive home, tho. You don't have to walk to pick up your Grandma's medication and stuff, do you? If this is the case then let me submit to you one dollar to begin the 'Let's Get Jess to, You Know, Not Have to Walk Everywhere' fund. Even if it is the case this dollar has your name on it. Seriously, just soak your feet in a hot bath, and hope for the best. Also, um, Ion didn't call me back the other day. I mean, I know that you two are close so I was hoping that you could talk to him. He totally knows I'd tap that.

Marlewen said...

I totally do walk to the clinic to get Nana's meds XD Also to the post office, the dollar store, the diner, and even the campground store if I need to.

As for Ion...look. He's a traveler, he likes to roam...I dunno what else to tell you. Cept that I'd totally tap that too.

Terri D. said...

That's b-a-n-a-n-a-s. My town would have to be the size of my block for that to work at all. Godspeed, my friend, godspeed.