Sunday, June 01, 2008

Freaky Fanboy Crud and Missing Friends

So I've been home for like a week and haven't posted anything about Animazement. This is mostly due to being really effing lazy, but also because AZ08 was kind of a bomb. No, seriously. For those of you who didn't get to go...don't feel bad. It totally wasn't worth the $50. I think the only things I actually did that were AZ related were watch the music videos, watched Anime Hell, watched Vampire Knight...and visited both dances. There was a plushie panel I wanted to go to, but I had to sit through the music videos instead so I could get a seat for Anime Hell. I also wanted to go to a voice acting panel (it was an intro into the business kinda thing, not the one I had been to before), but the person I was standing with kinda turned their nose up at it and I didn't want to go alone. Other than that, the panels were so full of people, you couldn't get a seat.

Yeah. Very over-crowded.

Oh, and I managed to take two pictures :D

That last one is of me in the yukata that Aarin made for me :D I luffles it a lot!! I'll have to find a reason to wear it again.

Now...don't get me wrong about the weekend. I did have a blast- it's just that most of the fun was had in the room (which was in the hotel next door to the convention). There was drinking, singing, making fun of was great. There's a video of me being serenaded, but I STILL haven't fixed it to be uploaded yet. I'll get on that...sometime.

I also came back from the con with some crud that I probably caught when my sinuses were raped by the stench of freaky fanboy. Now my trashcan looks like something taken out of a fourteen year old boy's bedroom. Gah! So many tissues T_T

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