Sunday, September 25, 2005


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ISN'T HE (or she) JUST SO CUTE?!!! This raccoon lives outside the window of our dorm. We (me and Imani who can be heard giggling in the background) hope that he's made a nest in there so we can seem him lots.
Isn't wierd, too, that before mommy left the day I moved in, she had a long talk with the tree to watch over us....and now there's a cute fuzzy in it that looks in our window and doesn't scamper away when we talk to it?


England said...

Wow, that's bananas!

Those things will rip your eyes out, if you get too close. Yeah, they look cute now; but they won't look so cute without eyeballs! J/K!


Terri D. said...

Wait, I'm confused, will they not have eyeballs or you? Anyway, that is really great, hugely adorable, and warm and fuzzy. I was telling Mani that I didn't know that raccoons lived in trees. You learn something new everyday I guess.

Marlewen said...

England: They won't rip out your eyes! They'll just poke them until they get all squishy...

Terri: See, I think this raccoon is confused and thinks it's a koala. I mean c'mon, lookit the cute fuzzy and tell that it doesn't look like a koala.