Thursday, September 08, 2005

OMG Stupid people should stub their toes, and I'm proof of this

So I've been plagued by a lot of paranoia of something following me. It's a spirit of some...sort...but anyway, I've ben really jumpy and having small panick attacks from it.

But really, all you should understand from this is that I'm really jumpy.

So's I go downstairs to make me a tastey cup o' ramen (draggin Imani with me for protection, of course), and go into the dark kitchen. I flip on the light and walk in, all the while talking to Imani, throw away the wrappings from my cup o' ramen, then turn to see that there has been a girl sitting in there (previously in the DARK) on her cell phone. I almost peed myself.

I swear, had Imani not been there, I would have FREAKED and beaned that 'ho with my ramen.

To top it all off...she was annoyed with us for using the kitchen and disrupting her conversation.


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