Sunday, October 23, 2005

Attack of the terrorist spider!

[01:12] JubbaBane: oh yea, so apparently karma wanted to catch up with me for the spider killing rampage yesterday...
[01:13] JubbaBane: i walked into my bathroom when i got back from walmart, did my business and then i look down and there is a GIANT black spider perched on the bathmat
[01:13] Marlewen: lol
[01:13] JubbaBane: oh i killed him too, but i was terrified
[01:19] JubbaBane: it sneaked up and i totally didnt see it... and then i was pulling up my pants and there he was... and he went "ALALALALALALALALAAAAAHHHHH! JIHAD!" of course that was in spider-ese....
[01:19] Marlewen: OMG terrorist spider!
[01:19] JubbaBane: he had a tiny little sword and a turban too
[01:21] JubbaBane: and he was like "joo keeelled mai faaahmilie! all 10 thousand of us! joo must die! JIHAD! JIHAD! JIHAD on joor fooot!"

I love Aarin to pieces.

In other news...I COMPLETED PRINCE OF PERSIA! Now to buy the second one T_T

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nope said...

Ohman. "Joor foot". It's reality. Every time an ant gets in the house I know he's looking for my husband, and all his kith and kin are waiting outside the front door. Every relative of every ant my husband has murdered. Do you know if we weren't the biggest smartest animal on the planet we'd be long extinct. Insects are vicious do you see? Your friend has it right.