Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Go To Class

I was rather annoyed today and I'm going to rant. It is so important that I even gave it its own title.

Got To Class

I have a question. About how many UNCG students come here to actually learn? I mean really. Twice in this month I have encountered on campus protests. Now, I would like for you all to understand that I have no problem with expressing one's opinion. However, I have a major problem with people abusing their right to speech by impeading on my rights at this University.
The first protest was, as far as I know, against Bush. I really have no idea about the specifications because they did nothing more than annoy me. First, when they were trying to round people up the week before, they were chanting "No class or work on November second!" I know that they meant "Don't go to class..." but that's not how a lot of people heard it. I know a LOT of people who thought that November second was some kind of holiday and didn't go to class. When it came time to protest, instead of waiting until they got downtown where they actual protest was happening, they decided to start a small marching band and march through the first floor of McIver. I was trying to listen to a lecture on "Much Ado About Nothing." We had to stop for nearly a full five minutes for them to get through the first floor and back. That may not seem like a lot of time, but anything that stops the train of thought of the professor is detrimental to the class. As though it wasn't enough, they then marched around the outside of the building. They were right outside our window and were still being a distraction. I don't care what you're against, you don't have the right to keep me from learning. I came to UNCG for LEARNING and damnit that's what I'll do.
The second, and most annoying out of sheer principle, was the protest going on outside of the Library. They were trying to protest against the use of free speech zones on campus. This had to be the most POINTLESS protest I have ever seen. They said that the use of these two zones were oppressing their freedom of speech. First of all, if you are any good at all with public speaking, who cares where you are? And to quote my boss, "it's not like they put them under the bridge in to the music building where no one will see." These places are relatively large, very noticable places. The only thing is that they are away from classes and dorms. The reason for this is not to prohibit you from getting your word out, but to keep you from disturbing classses and people who are trying to learn. They don't even have to give approval, you just have to tell them that you are going to do something so they can be prepared- they don't know what kind of protest it is and someone could get hurt.
People. I want you to understand that you can say whatever you want. But don't disrupt my learning experience. I came here to take classes and you know what? YOU SHOULD GO TO CLASS instead of wasting your time with pointless protests. You know that you just want to be remembered for it- but understand that no one cares about this petty crap.



nope said...

A very good rant, and one I think it would get you an "A" if you used it in a Media or journalism class. Good on ya! I must have posted my comment on the 'fudgenuggets' post right as you were making your new post!

Marlewen said...

Thank you! I don't usually write things like that...but I think my Colonial English professor has been influencing me ^^; He's head of the journalism program here and the way he speaks is very much in that style. I love when he goes off on rants =^^=

Terri D. said...

Yeppers, totally agree with india. Those bad peoples with their loudness. There should be a law. Well, they should at least try to keep it outside. Yeah, I remember the days when all you had to do for a good protest was sit somewhere, or lay in bed. That's just as good as all this shouting. You know what just occurred to me? We have never had a protest in the entire time that I've been at this school. I should organize one. At least, a quiet one.