Sunday, November 06, 2005

More pictars for your enjoyment

This is my friend Aarin with the best hat on the planet.

One of the three Tortuga Twins...yes...yes I said three. Don't ask.

I like feather things...even if they try to eat my face...

There were lots of street performers...this group in particular made me happy for rather obvious reasons ^^

She had to have been the most photogenic of all the performers there O..O

Well, that's all...I didn't take many pictures...I still feel wierd taking pictures of people I don't know...but I'm getting better as you can see ^^


nope said...

I can see you have your mother's talent for taking pictures. I love the Minnesota Ren Festival; looks like you have the same performers down there - the Tortuga Twins make me crazy. My new life's mission is to have arms like the fairy - very cool picture and streaming video. Thanks for sharing! I used to go in costume but it's become easier to not mess with it. I have this really cool velvet cape that always gets comments.

Marlewen said...

Thanks! I get lots of things from mommy (and if you wanna know what she looks like...I'm a VERY good representation).

OMG I want to BE the fairy. She was so good and dedicated! Though the mystery of why she was signing has been's just part of the act because last year she would talk to people.

I want to go again T_T

nope said...

I think I might take a class for sign language some day - just like the class for Gaelic that I wanna take. I wonder which will be more useful? I wanna do the Gaelic so I can understand that the words in print are not as nice as they SOUND; I know enough about it to know it's an ugly spoken language, but I want to know more about it.

How long does your RenFair last? Ours goes from the first part of August to the very last part of September. I usually go twice. There's a character called the Rat Catcher that I always have a lot of fun with - this year I got between him and a new character who "couldn't speak" and ended up being part of their little street skit. It was great fun.

Marlewen said...

our faire was from sometime in october week...ya know...I could look at my ticket and see when it acutally started...but I'd have to get up...and walk over there...and no body wants that ^^

England said...

Ahh, I love the Tortuga twins. Very dirty...their act is filled with Man sex!!!

Romani Heart said...
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Marlewen said...