Friday, September 22, 2006

So tonight's episode of Avatar was creepier than usual...

Sooooo creepy.

Nazi Germany
So apparently Ba Sing Se is actually Nazi Germany. No seriously. They're hypnotizeing the people into believing that there is not War going on. They say it's to keep the city in a state of calm...but really, I don't think that's all...I mean...I don't think the king even *knows* that there is a war. And then there's all the emphasis on "culture." totally sounds like these people may be guilty of genocide. For instance...they have the poor people living in the walled off bits of the city, far from the sight of the actual city of Ba Sing Se...afterall, these peolpe are actually refugees from other nations, not Earth Kingdom residents. Hmm...gee...this sounds a LOT like the ghettos used by Hitler to keep the Jews seperate from everyone else. How much you want to bet that Long Fang is going to slowly weed them out of existance? The walls enclosing them just seem to get closer and closer until they're all crushed to death, perhaps. I also wonder if maybe they see Toph's Kingdom as seperate from their culture...kind of like Eastern and Western Germany. Because really, she isn't getting any real special treatment with her family seal.

The King
Anyone else notice how you coudln't get a really good look at the king? We think that he may have actually been a fake because there is no actual King...or a decoy because no one knows that the king is actually a child. Or, the most popular...he's the king, but they keep him hypnotized and under their control, because he is, afteral he is a "god to the people." It seems a lot like the Queen (or maybe it was the Dutchess, I can't remember right now) in Trinity Blood.

The Bear
There has got to be more significance with the fact the bear is merely a bear. I know, I know, maybe I'm just reading too much into it, but really, nothing in this show is what it seems on the surface. Why would this ONE animal be the ONLY animal in the series to NOT be a hybrid? I mean really, even the characters, who until recently, never pointed out that every animal was a combo, thought that this was weird. And the bear itself seems...special. a "rides the short bus" kind of way, lol. All of our theories on him are kinda up in the air at the moment.

Blades of Blue Flame seems that perhaps there was blue flame comming off of Zuko's swords during his fight with Jet. We're not sure, because it could have been wind. I'm going to need to see this part a few more times. However, if it WAS blue flame...does this mean he's getting stronger? Maybe tapping into a new part of himself that will help fight against Azula?

Ok, I think I covered the most important things...

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