Thursday, October 05, 2006

Wee fun?

So I'm chillin in the Super Lab..yah, I know...I have a laptop, I shouldn't be here. But hey, I didn't feel like carrying it around on my back all day and I have a little break from work, so why not? Normally this time would be spent waiting for my nutrition class to start, but we don't have class today- instead there will be an online midterm that I'm going to take when I get back to the room later.

Everyone should be proud of me! I actually got up ON TIME and didn't take my usual nap...mainly because "Night Stalker" was on SciFi. Who would want to miss that? Me, that's who! So after that went off, I put on my shoes and left the room EARLY to waddle over to the EUC. I went up to the Student Org. offices (first time I've been there since I quit the now non-existant WPSA), and dropped off my submition for the Coraddi. I'm a little sad for them because now I know why Kris was so happy to hear that I was turning something in- there were only two other disks in the box T_T Man, that's sad. There is a slim hope that I may actually win one of the three cash prizes! Though I doubt it will happen...I'm at least 80% confident, however, that my pics will in fact be used. That's satifying in its own right.

This reminds me...I need to stop by and grab a copy of the last issue...I haven't looked at it yet.

*yawns* dangit, now I'm sleepy again. Perhaps I should go grab a small bite to eat from the EUC...though really, I've already had a double cheeseburger and a big thingie full of pineapple and strawberries. I shouldn't be hungry...and yet...I wonder if there are still doughnuts...

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