Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Rofflese GALORE

Why post about the absolutely wonderful hoard that I received, when I can give you this piece of gold?

*me sitting on the couch, eating corn-beef hash, and watching tv*

*News channel* "blahblahblah, more at 11...and a parasite that turns women into sex-kittens!"

*corn-beef hash on the floor* O..O

So I googled it...and OMG IT'S TRUE! See

For those who don't feel like clicking, it basically says that there's this worm thing that causes women to be more out-going and whorish while it causes men to be stupid (literally...their IQ drops), and make poor choices/big risks. And apparently 40% of the pop. is infected.



Loner said...

I love reading your posts - you are so much like my daughter - though it is my boys that have the love of corned beef hash - I am SO posting this!

Marlewen said...

lol, I'm glad to have brought you amusement ^^