Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Night Watch

I watched Night Watch for the second time today. It made a lot more sense the second time, lol. I know that as a movie based on a book, it really sucks...but I loved it anyway. Also, I've decided that Olga is my favorite character.

Man, Anton's going to be pickin' feathers out of places for days to come...

I need to read the book, like really bad. I also looked up other books by the author on Wikipedia. Apparently he has a Cyberpunk series that I didn't know about before, sometimes called the Labrynth series because of the first book.

I wanna read it too *pouts* Actually, I really just wanna read everything by this guy, but unfortunately, I can only get the Night Watch series for now. But that's cool...at least there will be something prevented me from killing myself with books.

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