Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Oh's everywhere...

Believe it or not, I've always thought about what would happen in a case like this...usually the first thing I would do is protect my pets, but...well, I can't do anything for them now. They didn't get them. No, they don't seem to touch animals, just people. Cars speeding through the carnage are what got the dogs...don't know where the cats went- they just shot right out the door in front of me. Oh well, they'll make it. I can't say the same for momma and nana though...momma at least had the chance to run, nana on the other hand never stood a chance. I couldn't stay in the house, a trailer is much too flimsy. I grabbed my bag, threw some food in it, and ran like hell.

Big girls should NEVER have to run like that. I thought I was going to pass out but I at least made it to the river. I'm typing this up, just so something of myself will have survived and if you're reading this then that means two things. 1. Go you for living. Try to keep that up. 2. I managed to brave town long enough to use someone's wireless. More than likely at Bright Leaf. But that aside, I'll tell you where I am now.

Like I said, I made it to the river. I was thinking of hiding in one of the caves that we used to see during the bus rides to school, but I figure they're too small and too close to the road. So I kept running. Believe it or not I actually had time to work with. It seemed like a sweep really...they came in from Newport, marching through town and taking over whatever house they saw. After that they moved toward Marshall. I may not be able to see many of them, but who knows who's been infected in their house and are just waking up. I ran into some hunters comming down off of the mountain. One of their guys was hit. They said it started as a bite, but after a few hours he started throwing up...then he just...stopped. They thought he was dead, then he just jumped up and went for one of the other hunters. They shot him in the abdomin a couple of times, but it didn't stop him. They said it took a shot through the head to stop him. They offered to take me with them, but as soon as they said they were headed to Marshall, (despite what I said about the sweep headed that way), I declined. Instead I took one of their guns, some ammo, and all of the lumber from their truck. Lucky for me Cletus was currently working on his barn, so he had a bunch of 2x4s.

I used the wood and some rope left by the riverside (thank God for thrown out junk), and I made a raft. The French Broad is pretty wide and there are all of these little islands in the middle of it. The raft worked pretty well, though I had to go upstream and ride back. Thanks to the rain, the current is really strong, so I figure even if they can walk into the water, they won't be able to fight the current. So that's where I am now...sitting on an island, listening to the ocasional scream comming from town. I don't think they can find me...I refuse to make a fire, and I figure the changing scent of the river will cover my here's to hoping.

why did this happen?

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