Saturday, June 02, 2007

So...New vid?

There's a new video of Nessie out there. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I'd link, but I'm too lazy, just google "newest video of nessie" or something and you'll find it- both CNN and MSNBC have it. Anyway, I dunno about this. I mean, I really want there to be something in that fact I'm pretty sure that there is (I think there's something living in the French Broad river too, but that's another story), but this video doesn't seem to help the matter any. Honestly, it looks like someting that could be quickly disproven...I'm pretty sure that there was a picture taken like it before and they said it could have easily been something else. Ah well.

So go check out my LJ...username Marlewen. I put a list of my stories on my lastest entry and I want people to leave a comment about which one they think I should work on. I'll post updates for it and everything. Of course, I just realized that I didn't put my mermaid story on there...which means it ISN'T on my flash drive...which means that it ISN'T on my computer anywhere. Dang. Ficton4U seems to be down for good as well, meaning I have no digital back up...crap. I'll have to re-write that one from memory >_< Maybe it's on my other flash drive. Let's hope...

So head over there and vote for a story for me to work on.

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