Wednesday, August 29, 2007

7am WTF?

ZOMG it's early morning and I'm awake! Is this some sort of new miracle?!

Nope, I just haven't fallen asleep yet lol.

Oh and....TANJOBI DESU!!! I ish quite excited about that.

That's not why I'm awake's cuz my sleep schedule is fuxors and my wisdom teeth are giving me a headache XD It's ok though...cuz I wanted cinnamon buns. So now I'm making breakfast, which caused the following conversation:

Me: *pokin about in the kitchen, makes some noise while getting tinfoil*
Mom: What the HELL are you doing?
Me: ...Makin cinnamon rolls...
Mom: Oh...well then. Ok :D

She was excited that food was being made.

So yah...I'mma eat some of those and continue working on the current Gaia Event. And if I haven't passed out by then...well...I'll finally do that picture post I keep hinting to.

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