Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Famblee Shame, Snowmen, and Things I Learn at the Gas Station

I'mma do this in the reverse order of my title. Because I can. STFU.

Things I've learned by working at a gas station:

- I like the smell of cigarettes and tobacco in general.
- People get pissed off over a penny when gas is concerned. God forbid they think I'm overcharging them two pennies. Sometimes I wish we had digital pumps.
- When you have to pee, and you work alone, 2500 people will decide they have to buy gas.
- I can't count.
- Everyone in town smokes Marlboros...cept like three people.
- People like lotto tickets, even though they don't win anything usualy.

That's it for now.

So as some of you may remember, it snowed a bunch last week (maybe it was longer, I can't remember) or so ago. I took pictures.

So other than that, we're going through some famblee shame at the moment. For those of you who live near me and went to my high school- the guy who was (until the other day) running the like detention classes was arrested for having sex with one of the students. This is famblee shame because he's my cousin. I don't mean like, we're sorta cousins- no we have the same last name. So now everyone in the COUNTY knows. Gee thanks, News 13. Now I can't go to work. Or leave the house.



Terri D. said...

Woooooow, that's deep. Hide your shame, Jess, hide your shame. Seriously, I heard about that on the news, but I didn't know he was your cousin, how could I, I guess. Still, tho, weeeeeak.

Under Thy Tongue said...

lol. That is deep. I think we might be related. Seriously. You're related to everybody.

Under Thy Tongue said...

oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that your snowman is on a plate and thats super cute!

Marlewen said...

I am related to everybody. Reason number 57 why I can't have sex with anyone, ever.

It's not a plate so much as one of those drainage thingies you put under plant pots. :D