Saturday, August 30, 2008

Oh Em Gee Ya'll

Ok. Yah. I know it's been forever, blah, blah, blah. But whatever. Here's the general run down of things that have happened since May:

Home Life

I spend most of my time in my room, so I have no idea what's going on in the house. This is mainly due to not being able to move my laptop without shutting it down. Both the battery adn the ac adaptor have DIED on me and I'm ya know, forced to live in exile until I get that fixed. I ordered a new battery and cable the 23rd of July. Note that Monday is the 1st of September and I'm still without these items. Estimated delivery is the 10th of September.

Dell, you suck. Hard.

Gas Drama: As the Price Dial Turns

OMG the dramaz up in that station. We've gone through an employee or two since I updated with you guys, but I've been going strong. However, I was a little afraid there for a while. We kept running out of gas for days at a time and business was bad. Not to mention checks kept bouncing (including paychecks). Yah, it was pretty bad. This passed week, we were completely out of all types of fuel and were doing about $500 a day. There was this whole thing between our owner and the gas company that I can't even begin to understand beyond it being a bunch of bullshit, but that's all settled now.

In about two weeks, the store is going to be cleared out and we're going to start all over with a new owner. Starting then, I'll only be working two days a week (!!!), but for 14 hours a day (!!!!!!!). Yah, fun times ahead. I'm not really complaining, though. Seriously, I need the money. And my manager (yeah, I'll be working for the same guy), doesn't care if I sit on my butt when we don't have any customers. So I can totally sit there and read or work on stories without worrying about someone seeing me on a camera and getting fired on the spot. Manager is even going to try to talk New Owner into getting us a t.v. lol! And a comfy chair. Because the one we have now sucks. And it's not big enough for my fat ass. I fall off of it all the time.

Other than having to deal with changing distributers (I'm pretty sure everything but the gas will be coming from Sam's Club now), I'll have to worry about taxes. New Owner has other businesses and he doesn't take taxes out on their paychecks. GAH! So I'll have to worry about that by myself. Fun times.

The Future

In other words: Finances. The plan a week ago was to get a car in January. There will be sales and it's possible I could get a brand new car, if not a 2007 or '06. Happy days! However...I'm making less money now. *sigh* Paul thinks I'm making the same, but he isn't thinking about me paying taxes on my own. So I'm looking at going from $200 a week to $186 or so. It may not be coming out right then, but it will eventually so I can't plan with it. But oh well, I've bought the only thing I planned to buy other than a car- a new phone. It was time to upgrade, and it was only thiry bucks! So go me for that. So help me hope, guys.

Other than that, the only other future plans are to get a better job and find a new place. I've been talking with Megan and we've decided to get an apartment together once we can both afford it. I'm hopin' that plan comes together.

Check you peeps later.

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