Wednesday, September 10, 2008

On a Roll...

My mom may want to look away...

Dear Dell,

Your service is shit.

I wanted to have a little faith in you. Just a little. The line of credit idea in order to pay for a laptop seemed like such a Godsend because Lord knows I wouldn't have been able to afford a new computer without it...but it's so not worth it anymore. It's been nearly two months, TWO FUCKING MONTHS, and I STILL don't have a charger and battery for my laptop. I'm lucky this cable still works as an AC adapter. Of course, if I so much as breathe on it wrong, it just falls right out of its port. THAT does me a hell of a lot of good.

And you know what? I should be able to just go to Best Buy or something to replace these things, but NO. I have to have a Piece of Shit charger made specifically for this laptop or it won't charge correctly. Not to mention the fact that this particular charger will die as soon as its warranty is up. Every person who's commented on it on the website has said this, and my friend with the same laptop is already on her second charger.

As soon as my loan is paid for, I'm going to scream a big FUCK YOU your way and close out my account. I'll also be saving up for a NEW laptop and parts to fix my desktop. Which I can actually do myself, thank you very much. Unlike your support, who's answer to everything is to just wipe the hard drive and start over. What? WHAT? Why can't I go to a Dell store and have then, I dunno, actually DO SOMETHING to fix my laptop? "Well, it isn't a problem if you use Norton's Ghost." I don't like that program. I don't like anything from Norton's. I shouldn't be punished for that. And I love how my laptop conveniently died RIGHT after its warranty was up and I had to pay $200 for a fucking phone call that didn't help me at all. I lost so many videos and pictures from school because of it. You know, my desktop is FRIED, but I know I can salvage the hard drive. And it's an E-machine. I think that says something about ya'll right there.

As an added bonus, I'm having to write this letter in my Livejournal and on my blogger blog because there isn't any contact information on the entirety of your site that's helpful! I don't have any questions that need answered, I just want to tell ya'll how much you SUCK. I noticed that you have a handy "feedback" button on the bottom of the page, but that's just for one's opinion of the site. I have no problems with the operation of, and it also only allows 1000 characters for a comment. My issue is much more than 1000 characters. I remember a time when all services had an email or snail mail address where one could send in a letter of their opinion of the service they were provided, but I guess you guys just don't give a flying duck shit about your customers.

No Love,

Jessica "I ain't your bitch no more" Jenkins


England Simpson said...

God Damn Girl, Dell burned your ass. If you'd like, I can help you curse them out. We shall take our road trip to their NHQ and curse them out personally. I'm good at it.

Marlewen said...

That's totally the best idea ever.

I'll bring snacks.