Saturday, October 04, 2008

I think I burned the roof of my mouth

So it turns out spending all day at the gas station isn't that bad. In fact, I get to sit on my ass most of the time, so it's pretty cool.

We're getting a tv by the end of next week. Complete with cable. HA! I'll be chillin' to cartoon network. It'll be fabulous.

Some really old guy (at least, he was older than my mom) totally asked me out yesterday. This was not fabulous. Wanted me to go bear huntin' with him. WTF? No, Redneck Joe, you just mosey on. I would hope that he gets mauled by a bear, but I wouldn't wish that kind of indigestion on the poor animal. No tellin' where Redneck Joe's been.

Can I not get hit on by someone my age? Not even once?


In other news: Stuff at home is reaching a peak again. Don't feel like talking about that though. It's getting old.

In other, other news: It's FALL. That's right, people. It's just the right temp outside and I don't have to sleep with a fan on and can wear clothes at night now! Oh wait, was that TMI? Too bad. You can never have that moment of your life back. HA!


England Simpson said...

That was just the right amount of information. And you tell redneck Joe I'm gonna come see him...

Marlewen said...

Will do.