Sunday, February 01, 2009

Trying Not To Be a Recluse

Wow, I'm still slacking in updating. At least I've gotten back into updating Plurk now and then.

I gave up on Twitter.

Anyway...there's nothing new happening. Maybe that's why I hardly update, ROFL. The car people kept calling us, even after I explained that I won't be buying a car from ANYONE right now. I have a huge cavity and need to go to the dentist, and with no insurence, I have no idea how much it'll be. But I'll definitely have to use my down payment to pay for it. Plus I have no idea how many other cavities they may find.Ah well, that adventure starts on Thursday.On the bright side- I'll probably have another 1k saved up by the end of the month. So if I can just hold out til mid-March, I may just be able to put 2k down on a car. This should make it tons easier for me to afford a small SUV. Hell, I might just get a truck. Depends on if I can find a nice 1500, or Silverado sport. If I get something like that, I want it to be on the small size.

Yeah, I gave up hope on finding a car that I can fit in. It just isn't possible.

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