Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Sushi 101

So anyway, today is Reading Day. This of course means that the dorms are under strict 24 hour Quiet Hours to respect those studying for exams *hears screams of laughter from the hall way*- everyone is dead silent >..>

In celebration of the end of another year of school, Imani and I headed down to Sushi 101 for lunch. OMG it was SO good! I took pics of all the food that we ate ^^;

sushi 101 002
This was my tasty bento. I mean really, so much food for 6.50! I ate every bit of it too...oh, there was miso soup as well, but I didn't think to take a picture of it while I had it.

sushi 101 003
This was Imani's bento. She didn't get to finish all of her's, but she was having technical difficulties with her chopsticks.

sushi 101 005
This was the only sushi that we ate while we were there. Naturally, their sushi is really expensive...but I may get another type next time I go. It was really tasty as well *drool* Since it came with two pieces, me and Imani shared.

sushi 101 008
This is all that became of my bento XD I told you, it was really good. Man, I still feel full from all of that XD And by the way, eating salad with chopsticks- not the most fun in the world.

sushi 101 011
This was the Mango Mochi ice cream. So yummy and mango-y. There wasn't much of it, but that's ok, it made for a nice treat. I'll have to try the green tea ice cream next time. Oh, and before I forget, you may notice pretty cups with kanji and hiragana on them...that was my green tea. I know I'm sad- I got excited over the little kettle XD

sushi 101 012
And finally, an end to a good meal ^^

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