Monday, May 08, 2006


9:35am Man, my throat is killing me T_T I think maybe the AC is causing it, so I shut it off and opened the window. I guess I'm going to need cough drops when I go to the store here in a little bit. This morning is going to consist of turning in my Russian paper and eating a muffin. I think perhaps my eating schedule will be put back on track today...not that that little tidbit of information is very important...I'm sleepy and you're going here about a lot of useless things. So yah...maybe now my tummy will stop being mad at me.

I bought new earrings the other day, and their hot. I'm wearing them today.They're heavy as hell...but again, they're hot, so that doesn't matter.

10:34am Well, that was an adventure. I walked on down to McIver to turn in my paper. First I went upstairs (3rd floor) to see if she was in the office. All the doors were closed. So I went down the hall to see if she was in the class room. Nope, not there either. Well shoot. I started to walk back to the office, maybe I just needed to knock. I got halfway there when I realized that her office isn't even up there T_T Sure, that's where the department is, but for some reason they all decided that she had the plague, so her office is down in the basement. So I hopped in the elevator, ( I know it's downstairs, but I don't care, I was tired), and went to the 1st floor again. The elevator doesn't go to the basement...dunno why. I waddled my way down there, all the while fussing at myself for forgetting her office was down there, until I reached the cubical-esque area. What do I find? Her door shut...she wasn't there either. So now I'm panicking. I dunno what to do! So I slipped my paper under the door, joking with the professor in the next closet, asking her to tell Carrie not to step on it and die when she goes to her office. Really, professors have to fear slipping and falling to their doom because of papers that have been slipped under their door. Anyway...I sent her an email, warning her of the possible doom...and went to get a drink and a muffin.

It's a tasty muffin.

Is it sad that I want a nap?

Oh yah, I didn't buy cough drops. I remembered that I hate them

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