Friday, June 30, 2006

Adventures in Elvis land

Ok, so I was no where near Memphis, but I *was* in Tenn. and that makes me think of Elvis.

So I took mommy to the airport for her trip to Vegas! WEE! Only...the drive back wasn't so great. I managed to take the wrong exit (stupid confusion of east and west...) and thought I had gotten back on track. Well...I was heading along East I-40 when I see the sign "END" above the 40 sign.

WHAT THE HELL?!! 40, for those who don't already know, convers California to NC. So I was thoroughly confused o..O I was detoured down an exit (no where else to go, the road literally came to an end), where I stopped at a McDonalds. I asked for directions and was told to make a left at the fifth stoplight from the McDonalds.



Wait...there's no where to turn left!! UGH! So I kept driving until I had room to turn around...then stopped at a gas station...they didn't know how to get then I stopped at ANOTHER gas station. She was much more helpful ^^ She told me to go BACK TO THE MCDONALDS and go passed it and take the second left....YAY! I kinda knew where I my adventure was done.

I was stressin the whole time because I didn't want to be late for work. Yesterday I told Mo' that I'd be gone to take Mommy to the airport, but I could work Dinner. Well...I called on my way home to say I'd be late...and Anne Marie said that she didn't even know that I was comming in today XD So I was stressin for nothing. She said that she thought that they were fine with help tonight, but I'd be on call til about 6pm...which it nearly is now. I have to work lunch on Saturday and Brunch and (possibly) Dinner on Sunday. I'm good with this. I think the double shift won't be too bad on Sunday because there will be like...three hours between the shifts where I will come home and nap XD

I wonder when I get paid >..> I need gas money...and a new mouse for my computer as I believe the P1 and P2 ports are dead. We *think* this is why my computer won't boot up. I hope to whatever electronic deity there is that a new mouse will fix it T_T I want my own comp back...and I want to start saving for a new monitor, lol.

Ok, I think that's all I had to update with...

OH! Any of my friends in the area who are reading this...I totally want to go see Pirates of the Caribbian on Saturday July 7th. Not only do I want to see it...I want to see it with a group of people dressed as pirates!! *^^*

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