Sunday, June 18, 2006

A night of fun...and walmart XD

Last night, after a trip to Newport with my mom (and a failed attempt to get our nails done), I came home...then left for Newport again with Matilda, lol.

We went "Midnight Bowling," which just means that there was a blacklight and a disco ball with lots of flashy lights on while we bowled XD It was fun, we played from 11:30-2:00am It was lots of fun...I took a few pics, but they didn't come out too well, so I probably won't post them. I bowled a 70! A new record for me, lol!

After that, we went for food...then scampered over to Walmart because Matilda hadn't gotten anything for her dad for father's day. Can we say last minute? ^^; We spent two hours there...mostly playing video games in the electronics section >..> I shouldn't be allowed there anymore, I want too many games XD It made me think though...I'm considering selling my Gameboy Advanced for an SP...why? Because I want a backlight gosh darnit. I have no desire for a DS...I can't deal with too screens, lol. Nor can I afford that.

But anyway...after that, we took Bubbah (ahahaha, Bubbah...) home and then she took me home, with many apologies for it being 5am XD But I didn't care...Nana knew where I was, and I was having fun running about Walmart, so it's all good.

*yawns* I'm really sleepy though T_T

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