Monday, November 13, 2006


Only TWO WEEKS AND SIX DAYS until I can afford to get my Nintendo DS Lite and two games! *dances*

Jacci and I are going with Jen on the 3rd to get them (together, cuz we're dorks), and then we're off to Olive Garden. Hopefully, Imani will join us ^^.

I dunno which two games to get though...the four possibilities are:

Final Fantasy III (I want to be one of the kewl kidZ)

Castlevania: Portrait Of Ruin

Super Princess Peach

Super Mario Brothers

Chances are, I won't get Super Mario Brothers, because Jacci may get it and if so, I'll just borrow it from her. So really I'm being torn between the first three, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, specially from those of you who play lots o' games.

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