Wednesday, June 22, 2005


So I've discovered that I'm addicted to Typer Shark Delux from Yahoo. It's crazy. I play it nearly every night when I can't sleep (though I take a break to go watch Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, to which I am also addicted), and will continue to play for HOURS. The purpose of the game is to type the words on the sides of the sharks and pirannahs in order to zap them before they reach you. If you don't, they EAT CHOO! The game also tracks your WPM for each round. My wavers a lot ^^; The highest I've gotten has been 84, the lowest being 45 or so. Personally I think it's all just because I like to type and I really like the little zappy noise O..O

Speaking of GITS, you should check out the site for the show here. I suggest you try to catch it on Adult Swim, or go rent the first and second movie, if you can. The animation for the movies is different though....I think Stand Alone Complex is a LOT prettier, and it follows the same design as the original manga.

*cuddles her Major Kusanagi (that chick with the purple hair) figurine*

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