Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Mother and Daughter Day Out part Dva

So I went through with it and got my nails done. I went with the usual french manicure because I wasn't sure how I would do with the nails, so I didn't want an elaberate airbrush job on something that I don't really like, ya know? It's neat having pretty nails ^^ They're no where near as heavy as I thought they'd be, but it's really hard trying to type with them. It kind of feels like my nail is going to pop off at any moment. Momma says that the feeling will go away after a day or two, once I get used to it. I guess I'll get them painted differently when I go back to get them filled. Yay for designyness! Oh, and the lady only charged me for the set, so I got the french manicure for free, basically.

The only really annoying thing is that the nails are very smooth at the I can scratch proficiantly T_T

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