Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Mother and Daughter Day Out

Tomorrow Mommy is going to get her nails filled in...and I volunteered to go with her. As a result I'm most likely going to get my nails done for the first time...EVEH. OH EM GEEE THE GIRLYNESS!!!! It's weird...cuz I've never seen myself as very girly...not even when I went to I never felt like I deserved it...but ya know, I kept looking for a nice wallpaper of Ayumi Hamasaki (J-pop singer), and she has like, the best nails ever. No really, look her up and see for yourself. Jenna Jameson does too, but I will not disclose how I came to find that out.


So now I'm trying decided how I want them done. I know that I want acryllics (duh) but I dunno if I want a normal french manicure...or something similar, but a different color. Ack! The pressure!

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