Sunday, December 04, 2005

good times

So today most of us Russian students went to Carrie's (our professor) house for a Russian dinner. Omg the food was sooooo good! Here are the only two pics I got away with taking ^^;



Please note that I'm not making the food. I helped making the umm..umm...ok, I don't remember what they were called, but they were kinda like dumplings and were REALLY tastey, specially with sour cream.

I'm so full of meat right now, lol


nope said...

Those are beets, right?

One of the older Russian students I had in my computer labs used to bring these meat pies all the time - they were just wonderful. I don't remember the name of them, but they were ^so^ good.

Ummm, breakfast!

Marlewen said...

Yes, beets. The whole night was sooooo funny, lol.

Omg, those are so tastey...I'll try to find the name again.

Marlewen said...

they're called perochi...or some variation of that spelling. I hate not being able to find the original russian spellings >..<

Romani Heart said...

We used to have perogies all the time when you were little. Remember Sue? That blonde hussy your nana had renting a room from us? Her family was Polish and she used to make perogies for us all the time. She also never called you by your name, always "Happy Cat."

nope said...

Well... perogies are something different from the meat pies. I know what perogies are, and I might have to make those for dinner tonight - . All that stuff is SO good. These meat pie things look like the fruit pies at McDonald's 'cept they've got a meat mixture in them and they're half-moon shaped rather than rectangular (well, crap, then they don't look like the ones at Mickey D's, do they?), and then they are pan-fried. I think. They might be baked, not sure, it's been a while.

Marlewen said...

these weren't perogis XD Perochi are baked in the oven and look like little pies...pelmini is the perogi type food. That's what we ate with sour cream.