Saturday, December 17, 2005


Ok, not really. I haven't done ANY shopping since I've been home, though I may go to the mall (omg scary) on Sunday...I know I'll be going to Asheville on Monday (hopefully), but that's to meet up with people, not to shop. It's also suppose to snow ya know, I really dunno what's gonna happen this week *shrugs* This past week has been somewhat interesting though. I've made a vow to myself that, if I need something from town, then I'm going to walk. Gods know that I need the exercise and I don't want to lose what endurence I've built up at school. That and mommy has the only working vehicle while she's at work ^^; So there has been at least one walk a day to the new Doller General. I love it in there, they have lots of snack stuff. Good to tie me over until the next grocery store trip. That and I can get pepsi products cheap. Other than this, I've been consuming large amounts of green tea lately. I don't mean the kind made by Snapple, or any other pre-bottle brand, but actual made-with-a-tea-bag tea. This is weird for me because I don't really like hot tea O..o I think it's cuz I finally realized that other teas, not just...ummm...whatever kind it is ice tea is made from, can actually have sugar added ^^; *smacks forehead* baka baka baka BAKA! Anyway....

Yesterday, I tried to cook for mommy's birthday. Note the word "tried." I managed to make an ok cake...and I don't even want to discuss the horror that was making piroshki. I know what I did wrong though...I'll have to use a different kind of flour next time. Ugh, I made the kitchen such a mess T_T I feel bad cuz mommy cleaned it up today...

They said the piroshiki tasted good...though they didn't eat many, so I think that they were only being nice.

Tomorrow mommy is going shopping and Nana is going to sit with Gail. I'm voting to sit at home...I'm going to attempt doing all of my laundry while everyone's out and hopefully tomorrow won't be too emotionaly wearing for Nana.

Maybe later tonight I'll post some pics of our very much undersized tree ^^;

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