Thursday, December 01, 2005

OMG yay!

OMG yay!
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So today I gots my class ring. I thought I wasn't supposed to get it until the fifth...but apparently the planner lied. So me and Maria headed over after getting off work early. Thus why I am all ghetto in my hoodie while everyone else was all buisness-casual. But oh well.

And yes, I totally put the ring on my first finger...I did it so that I can wear my highschool calss ring on the same hand and have all this symbolism and stuffs.

Woooo stuffs!


nope said...

You GO girl!!! Congrats!!!

"hesiwthg" is my Word Verification word - isn't it the cutest thing???

Marlewen said...

omg it is! lol

Mine now is nrfgl...sounds like a digestive promblem to me...

nope said...

BEETS BEETS BEETS! Kidnap your mamma's PC and give us a new post, please!

Romani Heart said...

lol, sorry...I'll try to post something when I set my comp up...I don't like logging mommy out of stuff (i.e. Blogger). Just a day or two ^^;