Monday, December 12, 2005

So India will get off my back..

I'm just playin ^^; Though one's ever fussed at me for not updateing before O..O

*sips tea*

So I've managed to have myself settled and mostly unpacked within the first 24hours of being here. 'Course, not before mommy stubbed her toe on my CPU at least once ^^; It's tradition, what can I say? My room has actually been vaccumed (well, what floor space there is, anyway) and all my electronics are set up. This being important because I can now watch Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon! I'm a dork, ok?

The only tasks left until Christmas are:

Renew my liscense
Work on Kudzu monkies
Make a blanket out of left over yarn

Ok, ok, so all of this doesn't have to be done BEFORE Christmas...but I should at least start on it, ne?


nope said...

Oh, perfect! I actually started watching Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon! How totally weird!

So you KNIT blankets??? That's perfect too!

I do hope your ma is OK - 'cause she ain't never came back to update us after the water went off!

Marlewen said...

I LOVE PGSM! It's like the Power Rangers all over again XD That and it's more so true to the manga than the anime Sailor Moon was.

Did I say knit? I meant crochet...I know how to knit, and I know it's possible to knit blankets (my friend's mom does) but I don't have the big bar thing that people use for big stuff like I'mma see if mommy will teach me to crochet so I can use up the rest of this yarn ^^;

And mommy's doin good...the water came back on at about lunch time...just in time for her to take a shower and get to work before the end of the lunch hour.