Monday, September 24, 2007

Joblessness cheesecake for me!

Umm...inside joke. Anyway, I went to the Dillard's (I don't care about hiding their name anymore XD) again for an interview. This time I made it through the application without the computer dieing on me, but I have yet to have an interview. Why? Well...I'm being schlepped off to the other departments. The lady I talked to today said that their floor manager wasn't there (even though I knew that he was, that's why I was there. Plus I could hear him from his office) and then told me that I couldn't work in Women's because I'd fail. Yes, she used the word fail. So she set me up an appointment for Wednesday with some other woman...and I just kind of nodded. I'm sure she noticed that I wasn't writing any of it down. She also told me, for all intents and purposes, that I needed to dress better or I wouldn't make it passed saying 'hello.' *looks down* These are the nicest clothes that I have. I can't get anything better for a while, at least not before 1pm on Wednesday. Soooooo...I'm going to call tomorrow and cancel the appointment...maybe tell them another, closer opportunity came up. The stress (and general shame that I felt for how I dress and live), isn't worth it. Neither is the gas- not when I'm not being paid, anyway.

Nana wants me to file for unemployment...momma has brought it up as well. I dunno how to feel about this.

Anyway...yah. I like animal crackers.

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