Thursday, September 20, 2007

Quick Update

So like...I got another call from Possible Employer asking me to set up an interview XD I was confused so I said I could do it next Saturday. Yah, I can be ruttin' retarded when I first wake up. I ended up calling back and ended up making the EXACT SAME PLAN as I did with the guy yesterday. BTW, today's call was from some woman who has like her own office and is in charge and whatnot. I dunno who the hell that guy was. Sooooo tomorrow I have to take Nana to the doctor, drop her off, then skeedattle over to the mall to fill out an app and go through my interview. I feel bad that I'll be leaving Sammy home alone T_T He still shakes if I so much as leave the room to put on pants...then of course since I have on pants, he thinks I'm leaving, so he sits on my foot and trembles.

He's such a drama puppy.

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